Gato A fin = Velzy classic?


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Nov 21, 2020
Los Angeles
Can’t find a description on this gato fin anywhere online (or any gato fin) but based on looks it seems similar to velzy? I wonder if anyones had it or held it and knows if it’s stiff along the lines of velzy? Or is it significantly more flexy. Curious about it for v boards/evo stuff. Surf shops not being helpful rn.

SD_TO zone

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Sep 29, 2021
San Diego
My quiver is all gato/crème save for a super chunk I just picked up. I use the recommended gato fins in each (T,C,B) and pretty much have the sizes/fin box positions dialed to how I like and have no desire/need to change it up or experiment further. The fins are really well made and feel great to me. I typically just go with the shaper recs, find a size I like and leave it alone.

I have held the A fin and it seemed pretty stiff. Haven’t held or ridden a velzy so can’t really compare - but the A was pretty big and looks fuller than the velzy, maybe a bit more rake also.

For what it’s worth - the T fin is designed for heavy V bottom boards and is what was recommended and what I use on my playboy which is a heavy roll to heavy V blade thin magic sam variation. They also have the playboy 67 which is a V bottom and from what I have seen they typically glass a T fin on for those.