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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by gcs, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. pierpont-scott

    pierpont-scott New Member

    May 11, 2006
    surftech = generic crap somebody feeding the mass's lots of hyped BS(repackage sailboard techfrom the 80's). the only constant theme I here from pop out(surftech boardworks etc) owners are how light they are, never how insane the shape is or how good they rip or how bad they suck in chop but never heard anyone say that they have a magic surftech have u?. NOT! surfing has always been about individualism now these companies have turned surfers into a bunch of sheep, and dictated what you will be able to buy in the way of length shape rails fin placement and WE CAN NOT FORGET THE EVER IMPORTANT SHRED INDICATOR THE COLOR. Another observation I have made over the last few years is that the people who claim these boards are just speed bumps in the line up any way.
  2. Smokey

    Smokey New Member

    Apr 8, 2005
    USA New Jersey
    pierpont-scott wrote:
    I think you may have just hit the nail on the head.:)
  3. NJ Longboarder

    NJ Longboarder Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    pierpont-scott wrote:
    I think I have a magic surftech, but I only ride it when the conditions are right for it (non choppy). I am sorry if you don't agree, but the board just works for me. The board is the Tak Steven Slater. I had that board and a walden magic. Unfortunately I broke them both, but quickly replaced the Steven Slater. I am trying to get my hands on a poly SS, but they are difficult to find.

    Epoxy boards (surftech or handshaped) make decent travel boards because it is resistant to impact from baggage handlers. I agree that if you have a limited quiver with only a few boards, I would stay away from surftech, but if you broaden you horizons, you might just like em.

    Now don't be too hard on me for lack of soul and not supporting shapers. I have a "few" other hand shaped boards including some from some local shapers.
  4. pintail

    pintail Active Member

    Feb 19, 2004
    LA, California
    "Speed bumps in the line-up"? Sorry, but I don't know what bunch of kooks you surf near, ST shortboards work just fine. You have to find one that has the weight and size you need, but that's like with any other board. I talked with Surftech about the weight issue on the Merrick and Rusty boards, and was told that the shapers specify to Surftech what thickness, weight and float characteristics they want, which is why they differ so much. I've seen Slater ride one. I think my Rusty is magic, and if it breaks, I know I'll get the exact same board again. It's the surfer, not the board, in any case, that rips.
  5. pierpont-scott

    pierpont-scott New Member

    May 11, 2006
    just what i said . kooks now abound thanks to surftech , and I am sure you surf like slater so why even bring the guy into the topic as he get big dollars to ride what his sponsors tell him to. once again thre hype machine has got you to believe, if slaters on it they must be the best.
  6. g-coast

    g-coast New Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    pierpont-scott wrote:
    What hype? There's no hype,,,Surftech just happens to have the bread to advertise more than everybody else,,,but I don't see it as hype. Hyping is when they cram it down your throat,,,and they are'nt doing that. Hyping steers towards dishonesty,,,,what is so dishonest about a surfboard?


    noun (plural hypes)


    1. publicity: greatly exaggerated publicity intended to excite public interest in something such as a movie or theatrical production

    2. somebody or something overpublicized: a widely publicized person or thing

    3. deception: a deception or dishonest scheme
  7. Drumhead Buddha

    Drumhead Buddha New Member

    Feb 15, 2004

    two questions.

    !) if u were approached by surftech or boardworks regarding the sugar label

    would u get in the game.

    2) was no.1 a tuff question
  8. Benny

    Benny Active Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Surftech, no. I don't think their materials layout is optimum or appropriate for surfboards.

    Boardworks, would depend on how much control they gave me over where everything went. They're a little more flexible in that department (pun intended).

    Only 2.5 years on Sways and building my own composites and its already astonishingly easy to see where Surftech is cutting performance corners in favor of ease of construction. If they really wanted people to like the way their boards surfed, they could change 4 or 5 things tomorrow and most of the complaints would go away. But as long as people keep spending $900+ for a board because of its name or how it looks or how it paddles, why should ST change a thing?

    Some day, those guys wake up and realize its not about the paddling & the carrying it around, but about the ride.

    Or they quit, sell their wetsuit on Craigslist, move back to Nebraska, whatever, and some new guy fresh off the I-10 from Phoenix buys a new Surftech & the cycle starts all over again. That's their market, really, and Rich is right - he should get some of those sales. Because the 1 in 10 or 1 in 100 guys that progresses into a custom might go back to the same brand (shaper) that he's been riding. Makes sense to me.

    Personally, though, I think the Bill Stewart/Boardworks is more interesting. With the reputation his boards have - surf fantastic but horrible durability - I think the recognition is already there that its all about the shapes. So if he can get his good shapes made and improve the durability, he just might have a winner.
  9. pierpont-scott

    pierpont-scott New Member

    May 11, 2006
    they have the bread due to the fact it cost them so little to produce a turd and turn around and sell them as over priced turds. say it cost them 150.00 if that to produce that turd and sell it to you for 800.00 who's the real turd? And so you have to hype a turd to sell a turd because nobody wants to believe they just paid 800.00 for a turd. Do you feel like a turd now for believing the hype of the turd? If you want an epoxy find a shaper that makes a nice eps, xtr, what ever you think is gucci material and have it made for ability, style, home turf but how can be one size fits you be that good? Its not, its all about the money. thats why shapers buy into the hype of surtech or who ever. i shape one plug and will get how much in royalties?
  10. g-coast

    g-coast New Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    I hear ya pp-s I just think shapers are more upset about how little it costs ST to fab a board than they are about how the board rides. But I am not a shaper so what do I know.

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