FT - 7'6" Trimcraft ReBowls

Mar 15, 2022
Long Island / Los Angeles
Hi all - putting out feelers for trading (or selling) a rebowls I picked up lightly used a while back and surfed once. Finding that I reach for shortboards/fish on days that would be good for it. It has one palm-sized pressure dent on the deck and a tiny one on the bottom, otherwise looks pretty clean. Includes the 7.75" Lovelace fin, a quad set of bonzer sides, and a board bag if you'd like. Would love to trade for something a little longer and more glider-y and better in smaller/mushier conditions, basically when the shortboards really stop working. Thick Lizzy/Haley Pin type shapes are the preference, but pretty open-minded, I love trying new boards. If/when I list it I'll probably ask for 800 or so, but would discount for someone on here. If you want more pics or info just let me know. The board is in Los Angeles, as am I.

Edited to add - dims are 7'6 x 21 5/8" x 3" and the shaper for trimcraft is Jacob Ells.



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