FT: 7'2" Fineline Egg


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Apr 11, 2019
Ventura, CA
Just got this from @MeatHeadDeath and it's unfortunately a tad too thin for me... if I were 15 lbs lighter it'd be a keeper, but those lbs aren't going anywhere so something's gotta move.

Same condition as pictured in the original post, except now it's waxed.

Also open to trades from Adreini, Liddle (any m3ps out there?), Davenport, Fineline, Campbell Bros, Svoboda, etc. Maybe a Thick Lizzy. Open to cash in either direction to make it work.

Located in Ojai, can meet up within reason for serious offers. Happy to strip the board and take fresh pics for anyone interested.

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Nov 6, 2017
Tried to trade and purchase with the original seller, he didn’t take any of my offers and sold to current seller. Hopefully the current seller will take my trade offers