FS/FT: Koz McRae 9'0" MissTerious custom


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Apr 11, 2019
Ventura, CA
Have had about 10 very fun sessions with this board but the racks are full and something's gotta go, so this is entering the JB field again.

The original post said "foiled rails" but that doesn't do justice to how damn bladed these rails are. Great paddler, fast down the line... get in early, deep fade your bottom turn and project to a high line and see how fast you can go. Lots of fun.

Board is mint. No dings, no noticeable pressures. Not sure on the glassing or foam density but it is a very solid board.

Asking $780, or $825 with Lovelace 7.75" volan fin... I messed around with a lot of fins and this was the winner bar none.

Also open to trades from Adreini, Liddle (any m3ps out there?), Davenport, Fineline, Campbell Bros, Svoboda, etc. Maybe a Thick Lizzy. Open to cash in either direction to make it work.

Located in Ojai, can meet up within reason for serious offers. Happy to strip the board and take fresh pics for anyone interested.


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