FS/FT: 9'6" Bing Feral Pig


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Aug 9, 2022
Scotts Valley, CA
This is a great looking board that falls exactly under the category that I am looking for, the only thing is that 9'10 is too long for me. Thanks for sharing!
Now, if the 9'10 Andreini is too long for your truck, and that's the cause for concern here, then I also just happen to have a nearly one-owner long bed 1995 Toyota T100 pickup I could sell you. A full 8' bed has proven to hold the pig nicely, and of course it's a manual transmission equipped truck with only a little old regular cab, as is required when transporting board designs from the 1950's.

Just sayin'...

Camel Rock

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Mar 23, 2020
San Diego
would love to see pics and learn more about the dimensions!

Here you go