FS/FT: 1969 G&S Farrelly Stringerless V bottom

Nov 30, 2020
Orange County
Seeing one up for sale last week inspired me to decide its time to move mine along. I’ve owned this board about 10 years and it’s never touched water in that time. It drives me nuts that such a cool board takes a space in the rack that could be filled with a fun rider instead.

7’10” with all original color work and pin lines. Even the blue heart on the tail is original. I showed the board to Debbie Gordon and she said that the numbers looked like Skip Frye’s Handwriting but we had no way to verify That fact. I have a mint Red W.A.V.ESet fin in it, or have a skip frye New-E-Free fin that I could offer with the board depending on the trade. Located in Orange County.

mainly looking for Liddles over 7’, Andreini, Fineline Avenger or Ant, Vintage yater, and anything along those lines.
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