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Discussion in 'Skate' started by walkingtheplank, May 15, 2020.

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    so after all my work to source the G&S & set it up...finally went for a maiden skate last night. as expected, my skill(z) were never that great to begin with. nonetheless, had some real fun until a big-ass pavement crack stopped me in dead my tracks.

    outcome: left wrist is sore, but still functional. i now realize that, esp. w/the ever-present pandemic looming, i should probably stick to less dangerous pastimes like badminton or whatnot. i hesitate to, but may still consider letting this board go. if so, would much rather sell it here for stoke than to the greedy masses on eBay.

    only been skated twice (once around 6PM once later @ night), & has the following build:

    - Gullwing Super Pro III trucks
    - Bones Rough Riders ATF wheels (59mm/80a)
    - Bones Reds bearings
    - Powell tailbone & rails
    - generic nose guard

    Please PM if you're interested

    thx for reading...

    IMG_3503.jpg IMG_3509.jpg IMG_3506.jpg IMG_3513.jpg
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