FS: 9’5” WindanSea “Panatella”

Discussion in 'Longboard Surf Buy/Sell/Trade' started by ToddsontheNose, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. ToddsontheNose

    ToddsontheNose Member

    Apr 23, 2016
    9’5” x 23” x 3 1/4” shaped by Matt Bettis.

    A very fun, slightly heavy, noserider. Fast.

    Full Volan. Awesome knee patch.

    Partner’s old board.

    Have no use for a ‘spare’ board in our little place.

    Purchased new ~4 years ago. Has seen a lot of use. A few repairs over the years. All professionally done.

    The large ugly one was done by the Ding King. Ding was not as bad as repair looks. He didn’t get the color right twice then after the third time we said heck with it.

    Some scratches and a couple nose repairs after I lost it on high tide at Terra Mar. Oops! Haven’t used since I got it back from Roper’s...(about 5 months ago).

    Comes with dirty FCS bag and 10” California Classic fin.

    Would like $400

    Located in San Diego

    0188F51E-5759-4863-9696-DF65ED9096DD.jpeg AB0533D0-6ACD-4184-8813-2978C19406E2.jpeg 0097F22A-ABA0-41DA-B21F-B4B615C73D8B.jpeg 06D5CF70-CB7E-4344-85C4-F2391479FEB4.jpeg 1EDC6E6E-DF80-4CF6-BCFF-0ABC074DDA54.jpeg 1B904AD3-A74D-4E83-BAD8-0BED156E04FB.jpeg CC1FE533-14D6-4054-AA2C-A9AA20250252.jpeg FF9CDF23-C745-4296-9C38-0F38BFEF6E99.jpeg D196979A-2EF0-416B-9C4D-4E9A584DC1AE.jpeg D02AA25B-B84E-4FA3-8C6C-BC1A79F55E59.jpeg

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  2. SReilly

    SReilly Member

    Jan 24, 2012
    WOW fun and solid looking board and great price.
    Good luck with sale.
  3. Tenfooter

    Tenfooter Active Member

    Nov 12, 2014
    USA Rhode Island

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