FS 7’0 Aqua Phurba Heavy Devil & 7’3 Barry V single fin


Oct 11, 2020
Los Angeles
Yo yo!

I’ve posted the Aqua Phurba up for trade but just bought a new board and need to move some things around.

7’0 Aqua Phurba Heavy Devil. Stringerless, Tow-in foam and no leash plug, it’s heavy and fun. I picked it up from a jammer who picked it up from Greek.fc. This is a unique one and would love to keep it in the family. Is pretty beat up but surfs great as the density of the foam can handle a lot. No fin. I paid 300 for it and looking to get around the same.

7’3 Barry V single fin, honestly just bought on the cheap because I liked the outline and wanted a project board. I lost patience and made it water tight but it’s not pretty. It’s fun and honestly surfs pretty well but it’s a little too floaty for me, would work well for someone bigger (I’m 5’6 and 150). Not a board I’d typically post but if anyone here is interested i’m happy to let it go for cheap. 200 but honestly whatever if someone will surf it!


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