FS: 5'10" Softech Bomber


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Jul 21, 2005
Cambridge, MA
5'10" Softech Bomber
Three fin FCS2 setup
Comes with fins

It's a foamy with an interesting shape and very easy to ride. I bought it at Island Sports in Newport, thinking I would put it in my board bag for a trip to Mexico. I never did, only used it a few times since. I'm not much of a shortboarder so it never gets used.

Can be seen in Orleans, Cape Cod or Boston with some notice. I'm sorry to say I cannot pack or ship.

thanks, ed



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May 8, 2013
USA Rhode Island
I have actually ridden that Exact 5'10, color and model board and had an absolute Blast on it.
To be honest most of my best times were taking it out on windblown, dumpy days and using it as a bodyboard.
Unlike using a boogie board though you can paddle this into waves from the outside as opposed to standing in the shorebreak or going through the hassle of wearing fins...
I was snagging Anything no problem and gliding at Lightspeed down the line. Just Floats over sections. If I happened to catch a lined up one with some push I could always pop up and just cruise.
The amount of float in these is staggering and magic carpet their way over white water.
Flat bottom adds to speed and plastic fins for a no (big) worry getting rolled.
I was doing this in February in full winter battle gear and Stoked.

Surfed a few sessions on it too, and that super wide nose is stable and confidence inspiring. Anyone well versed in the dark arts of cheater 5'in a smaller board will dig this rig.

This is also an incredible way to stay in or get into shorter board paddle shape without having to haul a huge Prone.
I also liked training with it cause it forces you to engage more core/chest/back rather than just laying on your longboard and wearing your shoulders out. - Lazy ass c$#@&ers!

Highly recommend!


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Jul 21, 2005
Cambridge, MA
Thanks for the inspiration to boog with the Bomber. It's been onshore here on Cape Cod for the last few days. Riding it prone, then popping up at the last minute for a quick turn was fun -- it was like being 19 again and pulling up to the coast guard beach with boog and fins, an outsider to surfing and having fun with whatever I found.

No longer for sale.