For trade: Andreini 8' Double Enda for fineline SOS or other magic sam


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Jan 29, 2021
Playa del Rey
putting feelers out. i'm ideally looking for an 8'10 fineline SOS...but down to chat if anyone has a sam in that range; spence, L spoon thats pretty bladed.

i haven't seen too many of these double enda's around and it is a great board. i've gotten rid of all my bigger boards cus this one gets into everything and just plain feels better.

got it off a lady on offerup who didn't really have any idea what it was or how it came into her possession. there was a weird ding on the deck when i got it (i imagine it hit a counter top or something when it was moved around - see the white spot on the deck). this board is on andreini's website too which is fun.

i wouldn't say it's "clean" but it is watertight and in good condition. there are a handful of dings from losing it at rocky spots, or just general leashless stuff. i haven't bothered to touch it up since it works good and looks good still

i'm not totally sure about letting this go but will for the right board and down to chat. can take better pics if you want. in la just north of lax

don't wanna sell it!


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