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    I sold Zippy the SWT (II) for my same purchase price as well -- straight pass through. I may not have turned a profit (not my goal anyway), but here's what I gained: a lot of great experiences. #1: I got to try out a board that I was very curious about and had a great time doing so over the many sessions I had on it. #2: I got to paddle out with @Makawaosurfer93 one summer afternoon and had a great session in which we swapped boards to see how the SWT and SWT-II compared to one another. #3: When I sold it to Zippy, he was so stoked about the price that he brought me a little box of locally made cookies/treats from one of the shops near him. Super cool of him, and my wife and I had a great time digging into them. #4: I've enjoyed seeing the board make its way through several other owners and have enjoyed comparing notes on the ride with people that have owned it. All this for basically $0. Sold! Consider me stoked.

    That's not to say you can never sell a board for more than you bought it for. Heck, maybe sometimes you should. But in my experience, I have profited just as much or maybe more by doing the pass-through to share the stoke with someone else who is going to go ride the board (not just instantly resell it).
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    IMO, legit seller and a legit retail price.
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