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    Jan 3, 2005
    I'm not a flipper simply because I don't have the patience to sell boards while answering a ton of questions. With that said, if I see a deal and have a few extra bucks laying around, I buy it. Not with the intention to resell, but knowing when there is value to be had and board could be fun to surf. If/when I ever choose to sell, I price at reasonable market value with wiggle room for low ballers. Nothing wrong with making a buck or two when you can.
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    Nov 12, 2014
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    And who are you to dictate what they do with their boards?
    Who named you the board cop?
    Do you live in the US?
    Do you donate your salary to the poor indigenous kids in Namibia?
    I don't think so
    so get a grip and let people do what they want
  3. Tenfooter

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    Nov 12, 2014
    USA Rhode Island

    You will be crucify for doing that.
    That is a sin in this forum ( which is ridiculous, since some people pay 3,000 for a surfboard)
    But they will come after you if you get a log for 450, and then sell it for 500
    Looks like everyone here work ad honorem, and donate their family values to nice causes, like hunger in south america,
    child poverty and so on.
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    Overuse of question marks ā€˜?ā€™ is a violation. You will be receiving a citation and summons to appear. Iā€™m checking for outstanding warrants now!
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    Apr 27, 2008
    Well that is a problem then, Currently our CIA says that MBS killed Khashoggi, yet Trump doesn't believe it and doesn't give two shits because he has "deals" worth millions. This country is more than just about making money.
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    Mar 14, 2008
    two separate issue to me:
    1) Free markets- all for 'em, we have choice to buy and enjoy or post on crack smoking thread- no harm, no foul....
    2) Intent to deceive- this is where I, and I believe most people have issue. All for conscientious thinking and actions, go for it, just do not craft a bs story to create bs narrative trying to give bs justification..... yes, I deplore bs. Just be upfront and sell for whatever you want, pay whatever you want if it makes you happy and, imho, all is well that ends well

    ā€¦..indeed, that 'lil thing called karma can sure be a puta at times, otherwise, bigger fish to fry
  7. JBorbone

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    Oct 18, 2017
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    Personally, as someone who's never profited (or even come close) on a resold used board, I totally see and feel where you're coming from @kclibman.

    Having said that, I also agree with Sebastian that they've simply found a way to profit doing something that many people find value in! For Omar and Jon, the margins they're making are also to cover repairs on each board they're selling, storage fees, and brokering time. For example, about a year ago Omar was on a hot streak with finding Greg shaped Liddle's. I sent him a message letting him know that I was VERY keen on finding one that was pre-1980s in all original condition and wasn't willing to spend more than 1000. For about 3 months he gave me bi-weekly updates with what he was trying to make available and whether or not it was in-line with what I was looking for. When he finally found one that i wanted, he was honest about what he was paying for it, and I was TOTALLY fine with giving him a $200 commission for doing all the legwork. Since then, he's been storing the board for me at his house for over 10 months until I find time to head out to CA to pick it up from him and hasn't asked me for a penny to hold onto the board.

    I have no doubt that dealing with Jon would have been JUST as seamless.

    So, while I DEFINITELY think that there are some total kooks out there who are not doing this as a legitimate business and simply buy cheap boards on Sunday and then post them online for 3x what they paid first thing Monday morning, I don't think the "Pro" flippers fall into that category. I think the Pro flipper market can be appreciated even by us collectors who don't have all day to waste trolling through the classifieds searching for that "dream" board we've been wanting.
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    Mar 18, 2018
    Santa Barbara
    Jon is a gem....both he and Kevin know their surfcraft and offer a nice alternative for buying and selling boards. I have both sold to and purchased from Jon and he is fair, reasonable and very helpful. I know that he pays a lot for the really nice boards that come through his place (Frye, Pavel, Cherry etc) but he is willing to take the risk and reap the reward.
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    Dec 2, 2014
    I couldn't agree more with pefa and for some reason the two simple points that he makes get lost in positioning and griping whenever flipping comes up...

    Sell a board for a profit? Go for it. It takes time, awareness, capital outlay and if you want to make a buck or several bucks, good on you. Someone drives to LA to get a board, cleans it up, photographs it and writes up an ad, deals with flakes on CL, and someone complains that they make a hundred dollars... come on.

    Deceptive advertising, on the other hand? Okay, let's call it what it is - lying - to make more money off the same board? Whether buying or selling, it's the same. In that case, and I really don't care what business one's in, they are a piece of shit in my book. They can mask that odor or ugly sight in whatever rhetoric they'd like, the simple truth remains.
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