Fishy Fishes (thoughts, advice)


Nov 18, 2020
Long Beach, CA
Hi All!

I've been sort of addicted to fishes since I got an 8'6 DR megafish this summer. I have since gotten a 6'3 Machado Go Fish. Both really great boards- effortless glide, amazing speed, surprisingly agile, and super fun! Since getting these boards I have also gotten into the history of the fish surfboard and all of the things happening with fishes and twin fins. Lots of amazing videos out there of people riding them like Ryan Burch, Trevor Gordon, Bryce Young, Derrick Disney, Torren, etc.....

There is the "Fish: Surfboard Documentary" video I found for free that was interesting: (the site also has some other surf films for free!)

With boards offered in so many different sizes I want to go smaller into the more traditional fish size. I'm a bigger guy 6'2, 205 lbs. (on a good day). Do any bigger guys have any advice or, can you share your experience on fishes that are sub 6 foot? Also interested in hearing from people who ride fishes quite small, 5'6 and below! Because a few guys mentioned above are riding these boards from 4'll - 5'3 (OMG, gasp) but they are insanely talented pros...

Also trying to get my hands on a Ryan Burch fish if anyone wants to part with one on the bigger side?


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Dec 18, 2020
North California
The smaller fishes that I have ridden have still have plenty of drive. In my experience, They can feel a little squirrelly when on a wave with some power without having a rail engaged. But you can have much tighter turns and push them harder than a longer board. They also pick up speed very quickly since there’s not as much surface drag. For reference these are the boards I’ve had experience with:
5’2” backyard boogie keel fish
5’4” trimcraft rich fish hobie wood
5’6” Russell (slightly more “high performance”)
5’8” baltierra keel fish
5’10” brom keel fish
There’s probably a couple others I can’t remember right now. I’m 5,10 145# for me, I feel like the sweet spot is in the 5’4-5’6 range. The height is only one aspect of size, all The boards have tHeir own respective foil,rocker, etc


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Mar 23, 2012
Hamilton, Massachusetts
I've had a couple: both 6'0". I weigh 185. CC keel and Mabile DT Quad. Keel was all down rails and was flat out the fastest, most glidey, drivey, almost out of control board I've ever surfed. So fun. Mabile was great, too, but the CC was "hang on for your life" fast and fun.
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Patrick Riley

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May 15, 2018
Jacksonville Beach
I'm 42 years old, 5'10 and 170lbs. My first fish and probably my favorite board is a very traditional 5'8 Mitsven DH fish with glass on keels. The board really opened my eyes to the speed of a twin keel and I think I remember someone explaining to me that a twin keel fish was really just two single fins (giant simplification and generalization.) You are really only engaging one fin and rail line at a time hence that explanation. Either way, I was really hooked on not only the speed but the projection through turns and how much energy it carried through on big arcs. I ended up brining it with me on a trip to El Salvador and it was so much fun on the points. I started realizing I never wanted to travel without one, but also didn't want to bring my favorite board with glass on keels and have it be at the mercy of the airlines.

I ended up picking up a 5'4 Lovelace fish with futures boxes from another member on here for travel (Can't remember who, but thank you). It already had a snapped off tail that was professionally fixed by Roper so it was like a nice pair of worn in jeans I didn't mind tossing in a bag. I was slightly worried about the size but had a few others tell me it should be plenty of float. It was a great pick up and just got back from Puerto Rico with it where I surfed it in everywhere from waist to head high reef breaks. Super fun, it's definitely a little looser than the Mitsven but it didn't take long to feel comfortable on it.

I'm pretty much hooked on twins and currently looking for something bigger and might have drank the MOTE massive Kool-Aid as I'm pretty close to placing an order for one in the 7'2 range. Mostly with the thought of Overhead El Sal points and more Carribean adventures (annual trip for my fam).

If I ordered another DH fish from Mitsven (And I surely will someday) I'll probably go slightly shorter, maybe 5'7ish.


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Jan 7, 2017
Sin Diego
I've ridden a zillion fishes and love them. Many purists consider only a sub-6' double foiled marine-ply keeled board with a wide tail a true fish. However there are so many variations that it's quite a fun rabbit hole to dive into.

As a general rule I like my classic fish between 6 and 0" shorter than I am. Anything bigger than that just feels too corky and too much on top of the water. Exceptions I've ridden are all variations on the theme with pulled in tails and different fin options.

Are you a good paddler? If so, go 5'8. Are you surfing points and reefs or beachies with structure? Go the classic keel and feel the glide and flow. Are you surfing average beachbreak? Get a version with a tighter tail and/or more curve.

Check out the 6'2c group on FB if you're into it. Lots of fish heads there.


Jul 13, 2020
I’m your height and 30 to 50 pounds heavier, about average paddling ability. I had a 5’10 Anderson fish I could catch waves on pretty well and got rid of it for some reason. I’ve messed around on a friend’s 5’8 Russell fish and its possible to catch waves but more work than I really want to do.


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
If you are a big dude and want a shorter-than-normal fish, look at a Zippi - he packs foam in and they are a lot of fun to ride.

Lots of curve in the outline so a little different to a trad style SD fish and a lower top end wave-wise IMO, but a nice fun board in any case.

I'm 6'1 x 175 and had a 5'8, but a 5'6 would have been perfect I think