Feral Wetsuits - any reviews. are they the same company as Need Essential? then wtf? lol


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Sep 4, 2018
I bought one of their early 3/2's. Best wetsuit I've had. Fit me better than Xcel or O'neill, which I normally wear. Doesn't feel as stretchy as technobutter, but once wet, the suit is very flexible and more wind resistant. The material is very warm for how thin and light it is, and the seams held up well too. My suit ranked up there as one of my longest lasting and most durable. I do like smoothskin panels for when the wind is really stiff, but overall Feral makes a great suit. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on another here soon.


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Aug 19, 2020
Oceanside, CA
The Yamamoto rubber on the Feral suits is on par with Matuse or Isurus. The suit is warmer than it looks like it should be for how thin the rubber is. Seam leakage over time for me has been almost as good as Matuse but better than Isurus or Patagonia. Thumbs up overall for the fit as well.

A friend of mine has a Needs Essential 3/2. The rubber feels rough and the fit is baggy in all the wrong places. I'd try to get a nicer brand on sale instead.


Jul 16, 2020
Bay Area
I've had a couple. I like them, but their sizing doesn't seem to work for me. Large is a bit small and XL too big. Warm for an unlined suit and great customer service, I just wish they fit me better.

Going with an Oneill 4/3 Psycho One next.