Favorite 60’s


Apr 6, 2021
Los Angeles
Hey, All,

l’m new to the arena.
About me: I took up surfing at 49 and now 57 and stoked about surfing in and out of the water 24/7. I ride the beach break mostly only, hate wetsuits and prefer a median 9’6” length give or take.

Anyways, I got a few boards but of these, a couple of 60’s survivors are picking up along my way. They are very interesting and have tons to offer.

So my question would be: What’s your favorite 60’s board?


Apr 6, 2021
Los Angeles
Crickets. Okay, I got a little time before getting out this morning.
Launching out with a Jacobs Carson, early version. Built heavy and bulletproof with maybe one light pressure dent per decade. I was looking for a modern version at the time this was offered up. I am humbled and fortunate. The fin swoops past beyond the tail and oozes speed sitting still like a javelin. It feels real nice, stable and committed, a total gas to ride and it wants you to do it correctly, which is good. So I try.
Time to get out there.


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Dec 2, 2014
I'm a bit counter-current on this.

While I appreciate a nice Hansen Superlight or a Bing Lightweight as much as the next guy or gal, I often find myself then seeking to get as much performance as I can out of the board, which brings me closer to some of my modern boards that are better performers. Remember, there are no pointbreaks where I live... Not that they aren't fun to take a spin on - I spent a whole year riding a '66 Yater Spoon in about everything, but there is often a little bit of frustration for me in good waves over here.

So when I ride 60's boards, I actually prefer really early period boards. Of course they're slower, harder to turn, harder to noseride... but when I'm on one I completely change gears and just ride the board for what it is. Once I'm in that mindset, in the right waves, I always have a blast.

Until I have to carry the beast back over the dunes, that is.


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Oct 19, 2008
Exit 0, New Jersey
The 10' Bing Takayama vol. II I had was a favorite. OG fin had been removed and a modern box installed. Pinched rails and very forward thinking for 1966 ish.. Sold it back to who I bought it from in 2018. Pretty sure I saw it on Roach's Instagram a year or so ago. An excellent rider in a broad range of conditions. My shoulders have led me away from paddling out on the older heavy longboards but fond memories remain. ✌
(On the right of the photo)


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Sep 22, 2014
Some of my favorite and go to riders are:
10' David Nuuhiwa (restored)
10' 1st Gen Performer (original)
10' Yater Spoon (restored)
10'4 Surfboards Hawaii Dick Brewer (original)

And on the shorter side:
9'6 Yater Nose Specializer (original)
8'8 Hobie Positive Force (original) okay maybe this one is closer to the 70's but man is it fun.