Fat Wallet Buyers, Quiver Sale


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Mar 20, 2012
USA New Jersey
Quiver Sale-Ultimate California Quiver

Looking to get in touch with some perspective buyers with fat wallets. The type of members that have cash ready for when the rare or Magic boards pop up.

I have some special boards I’d like to sell. Boards that I’ve spent the last decade refining as the ultimate California quiver for riding waves. Some have perfect quivers for collecting, but I’ve been focused on riding waves. I have purchased hundreds of boards, ridden, decided what I liked and passed on the rest. The keepers are now up for sale.

I’m not going to post a list at this point because I don’t want tire kickers. If you’re genuinely interested in spending your money on surfboards and want to come look at the boards, I can take pictures for individuals. They’re not going to be deals or cheap, but if you have cash and are looking to buy excellent riding boards from the A-list of handshapers, send me a message.

I guess everything is for sale for the right price, about 80 boards that aren’t already spoken for. Those spoken for would need to go back to their previous owners, but the others are fair game.

5’3” - 12’ and many inbetween. Kneeboards, Fish, hulls, eggs, logs, speed shapes, gliders…

Open to selling all boards as lot sale.
If they’re that special submit your list to California Gold. The auction starts soon. Or maybe just consider the ‘smoking crack’ option. Why all the secrecy? Buyers might be here but you’ll never know until you commit and get organized. This is not Craigslist. Who are the untrusted Jamboards ‘tire kickers’? The whole write up sounds either lazy or greedy to me. Just sayin’.


Apr 3, 2005


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Jun 2, 2010
Hey boners, take a look at what he’s sold. Consider his history here. And trust that I saw a portion last winter and I was Muther effing crying. I wanted them all. And they were the riders.