Fantastic Acid ~ California Deposits ~ $500


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Feb 21, 2022
We have a few more openings for CA specific orders.

Deposits so far:

Samuel Justel
Ben Ersando
Matt Richter
Anthony Diberardinis
Samuel Muther-Bavaro

Thomas Moser
Nick Hepsoe
Gary Yang
Gabriel May92
Rodrigo Cruz

You know the drill. DM me to set up the Zelle deposit and we can chat about the specifics of what you want. CA orders will be built at Jeff's in Ventura. Tristan will be shaping and glassing all boards in the east coast batch, and the plan right now is for him to shape and glass all of these in the west coast batch as well at Jeff's but if the west coast batch ends up being glassed by someone else at Jeff's then Tristan will supervise for precision and accuracy.

Stay stoked and have a hull'of a Tuesday friends.


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Feb 21, 2022

Longboard Surf Buy/Sell/Trade​

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Buy/Sell/Trade your surfboards and surf accessories here. By owner only. Vendors post to the vendor classifieds.

In all due respect Danny, how often do you actually check the vendors classifieds?

We're a group of 4 Jammers here to provide the Jamboards community with an upper-hand on exclusive board availability before it's available to the general public. Have you noticed that Tristan never posted about his this upcoming USA trip to get orders? It's because we asked him to hold off until we sourced interest from you guys. Have you ever noticed that our GH/Creme boards are $125 below retail direct from CA? Because we're selling them to you at-cost. We're just here to spread the stoke amongst friends.

Is that worth policing? I mean come on dude.


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Dec 14, 2020
if anyone is interested in buying my california deposit please let me know

i've had some unforseen expenses come up as my bakery fridge went out last week and my mixer has started making a new grinding noise (machine, not human) and wont be long for this world i fear....ruff

here's the pricing breakdown i got from @Yesteryear

Thanks for reaching out bud. So for example a 7fter would be between $1100 and $1600 depending on if you get it with color, sanded vs gloss, flex-tail vs standard.

7ft clear sanded rounded hull would be $1100 + tax.
7 ft rounded hull flex-tail tint top and bottom, resin panels on deck, with gloss polish would be $1640 + tax.

Prices vary quite a bit. Flex Spoons are + $500 on top of the base price for the length.

Parlementia are between $1750 and $2100 depending on the size, stringer, and finish.

deposit was $500 which'll go to a new industrial mixer which is way less fun than a new surfboard but will help fund future surfboards and excursions