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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by Benny, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. little AL

    little AL Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    OK guys I pulled that number out of my aaa. I will have to go look up just what I did pay for that board, it was a Olson shaped here in Santa Cruz. The point that I was trying to make was and I do remember this that to get the board made of balsa it would have only cost $25 more.

    RB wrote:
  2. TSaunders

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    Dec 1, 2004
    USA Virginia
    logdaddy wrote:
    Actually its the boards. When you buy one it will only want to surf "back door" at pipe.

    Sorry, I couldn't respond from work but I was waiting all day to say that. Actually I like someone doing something different. As long as the boards work and they follow through with quality they might do well. They are already getting the press! If not surfers see through the gimmicks (eventually).

  3. Benny

    Benny Active Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Here's a few more you guys haven't seen yet. Don't ask again, that's just about all I got :p



  4. sleepyKID

    sleepyKID New Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    i actually got to stop by this..the boards were really nice but my favorite part of the show was when ray barbee played....
  5. slosurf

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    Sep 1, 2004
    USA Maryland
    sleepyKID wrote:
    I've got a couple of his CDs - In Full View and Triumphant Procession. Highly recommended.
  6. Guest

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    g-coast wrote:
    gcoast .. do you get what Benny and Scout are talking about? Sounds like they are also talking about small packages but since Scout lives in Hawaii .. am just wondering how and when Benny crossed paths with her?

    And Scout .. do you weight far less than 150 or far more? :shock: Because I know the small package that gcoast is referring to .. weighs far more. Oh now I am being really stupid sounding .. I sort of like these discombobulated posts though and every so often there will be another one asking Little Al ... just what exactly WAS THE BOARD that he paid $180 for. Was that it? Oh .. and there IS Little Al's reply .. finally ... and he himself is a bit miffed that that one quote of his seems to have traveled down the line ... boy oh boy Al ... you got to watch your words because they sure are followed. Wow .. is that a plaid board I am about to see that Benny did? Didn't get a proper look yet and that means I will post again .. and then that will be an example of doing a double post ... or not. Sorry ... I just had to laugh at all of this that took my attention at first but I have not read yet. I love this place though ... I wish there was another SanO weekend ... and everyone would show up! :p
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    Benny wrote:
  8. Guest

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    slosurf wrote:
    Thanks for the music tip slosurf .. I never have heard this. But I love new sounds.
  9. unforgiven

    unforgiven Member

    May 10, 2006
    i know i asked benny this before.but the answer wasnt too clear .or it was clear but just not to me.i can see how the circles are in resin.and the cross stripes could be resin.but how does it not smear when you spread the resin.on austin's website he has a great vidio on tigerstriping but it smears alittle.its meant to.

    i also dont get how the hearts are not paint on the blank.this board looks like a combination of paint and resin.correct?

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  10. Benny

    Benny Active Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    No, it can be done with all resin. Sometimes, like for pinlines with resin, you can tape off. But I don't think anything at the show was taped.

    Austin told me "Whatever color hits cloth first wins." And I can tell you from making the Sugar (which was the first non-solid color board I've ever tried) its true - but there's more to it than that.

    When I poured on the spots, I had a good idea that I'd have to manipulate the squeegee in such a way to not let resin push out ahead of the leading corner. So the circles aren't as easy as just circles.

    But what I hadn't counted on is that if there's any extra resin pooled up in the center of the color, that's the part which will smear when you go over the whole thing with the clear resin at the end. So you not only have to keep the outside edges of your design sharp, but you have to use only enough resin to wet out the cloth, because any more will smear when you go over it with the next one.

    So the black grid looks like he did the black first, then dropped a tiny orange spot inside a few of the squares & let that spread by self-leveling, and then used the yellow afterwards. But since there's no smearing at all, he also could have done one layer of cloth with the yellow & then (after that was cured) used a new layer of cloth over that with the black & orange. The edges of the black are a little fuzzy, so I think they were put down as tiny lines (like with a cake icer & a very small tip) and then pressed in with a very narrow squeegee so no resin would be pooled (which also means none would smear).

    The hearts & circles, you just have to know how much to pour to be able to spread it into the size & shape you want without leaving any extra resin on the cloth. Circles can just get bigger & bigger, those hearts would be tough.

    Trust me, Crabs, I wasn't being silly or sloppy - that was the best I could do, never having done it before or even seen it done.

    Edit: UF, that board with the faces is (I would guess) resin & paint pen like a posca. Resin goes on red & clear, then hotcoat. Sand the hotcoat a little smoother than normal & paint on the artwork with a pigment pen, then gloss coat (resin) over that to protect it. It can also be done on the foam, but it looks like the red resin work was random and inspired the artwork, so I'd bet the resin went on first.

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