Experiences with the higher end / expensive wetsuit brands

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Oct 20, 2021
Rhode Island
Here is a gross but serious question... when you pee in a yamato wetsuit does it still dissipate and flush out like a normal suit? Or is it trapped in there!!!

I should my wife the wetsuit and it was her first question.
This got me thinking.
Urine is sterile in most cases. (Except UTI patients, etc.)

No bacteria or what we consider gross microbes.

And if you're really hydrated, the mineral concentration is low and therefore less smelly. (Minus the variable of medication-induced elements, I guess.)

I just ordered two new Yamamoto rubber suits.

I now think I will chug a gallon of water pre-session and commence peeing lots of dilute, smell-free, warm pee during my sessions. Yamamoto!


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Nov 16, 2022
Isurus suits start out a little on the tightside for the first 3-4 sessions but seem to conform to you body. I may be imagining this anyone else have a similar experience.
This isnt necessarily a good thing. What you are experiencing is actually compression of the foam caused by a poor fit. When the foam compresses, it loses its inherent insulation capabilities. Limestone foam, especially surface grade foam, is highly susceptible to compression - even though the honeycomb structure of the foam is better for elasticity (especially Yamamoto 40). The other side effect of this "conforming" is stress on the seams. However, that stress can be mitigated with higher quality stitching and gluing, which is often found in "higher end" wetsuits (better materials and QA/QC). If you ever get a limestone foam suit custom and properly fitted, you will notice this "forms to your body" experience doesnt happen.
All that said, the insulation properties lost are not significant.
Here is a gross but serious question... when you pee in a yamato wetsuit does it still dissipate and flush out like a normal suit?
So long as the cuffs do. But the liner and honeycomb nature of the foam may hold in the stink more.


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May 3, 2019
Only problem is that I discovered that the little button on the side of the chest wasn't working. Can't tighten that little cord.

Isurus hasn't responded to my email about this yet, and it's been almost a week.

You're not the only one that has experienced both issues with them.


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Jan 14, 2013
USA California
just picked up a new 4/3+ oneill pscho tech...its pretty thick and stiff...so I'm not a fan so far...the sealant on the seams is extra thick too and I can feel it chafing on the inside on my skin...my oneills pre covid were awesome...ever since then not so much...not sure why..maybe material changes? but anyways I'm not liking it


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Nov 10, 2020
oceanside ca
2 weeks with my 3/3 ISurus no zip w/ hood. So far its great. Comfortable and very warm. I wore it in both Morro Bay and Santa Cruz last week and i was plenty warm. Its actually a bit too warm for down here right now once the sun is out. Great for dawn patrol here right now and should be great come January.

if I get 2 full seasons out of it i will be sold on this brand. Fingers crossed.


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Nov 16, 2018
Milwaukee Oregon
Had a few sessions in the Isurus now. The rubber is so stretchy it’s harder to get on and off. The plus side to that is it is waaay nicer to paddle in. So much so that I had a four hour session because it was way to good to get out of the water. No crowds at a spot that is pretty fickle. I couldn’t leave well enough alone, came back in and grabbed my mini Simmons and surfed for another hour. I would never of had the arms to do that with any other suit I have ever owned.


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Nov 16, 2018
Milwaukee Oregon
@ParSurf beautiful shot!

Have you used or tried on a Hyperfreak? How does it compare? I'm always on the hunt for a better suit.
Nope, I have been in xcel forever. Tried a Patagonia a bit ago and couldn’t stand it. I’m in a 5/4 almost year round in Oregon. When I am able to run a 4/3 or a 3/2 it’s almost irrelevant because it’s so much less suit. I have a buddy that runs the hyper freak…he swears by them even though he seems to warranty every 6 months or so…


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Jun 26, 2017
Eugene, OR
Thanks for the details @ParSurf . I'm also in Oregon and picked up the 4/3 Hyperfreak last year when the seams failed on my 4/3 xcel while on a trip to CA. I actually spent most of the summer in it here in Oregon and was surprisingly warm. I also picked up the 5/4 hooded hyperfreak and really like it compared to getting into and out of the drylock. The fatigue from paddling is much less. I have had to baby the suit though and it looks like it won't last as long as my xcels. I'll check on the Isurus next time around.