Experiences with the higher end / expensive wetsuit brands


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Feb 21, 2012
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My Feral and Matuse suits feel comparable in terms of weight per millimeter. They definitely seem to absorb less water than many brands. It also occurs to me that neither have special liners of a fabric like fleece, which tend to absorb a lot of water. My past suits from Patagonia, Xcel, Ripcurl and O'Neill have all had such liners.
So I just found a Matuse 6mm in my size and it was discounted to about $525. Which suit did you like more, Feral or Matuse?


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Oct 7, 2021
So I just found a Matuse 6mm in my size and it was discounted to about $525. Which suit did you like more, Feral or Matuse?
They're pretty comparable in most ways. I prefer the hoods on Feral suits but find that Matuse suits are easier to get on/off around the shoulders. I do find the Feral suits less restrictive once on. If those aren't factors for you, I'd just buy whichever is cheaper between the two.


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Sep 7, 2022
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Has anyone had any experience with Moonsuit wetsuits? Do they fit true to size or slightly smaller like most Japanese made suits? I have a nine plus xl that is too small for me now and I’m usually a large in most suits.


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Jun 30, 2008
Personally, my many matuse suits have all been better than the one feral I purchased, especially in terms of durability. The feral developed a rip pretty quickly. Could just be a fluke.


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Nov 20, 2016
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Question with story:

Years ago I had a Matuse 4mm & was up surfing in Maine with my cousin. We were traveling around and had to rinse our suits off before getting on the road to a family dinner. After rinsing both suits off, I noticed that the Matuse weighted almost 1/2 of what the xcel did, both hooded 4mm's. I realized it was just as warm and I didn't fatigue as quickly with the lighter suit.

I've gained a TON of weight. I've been selling off all of my current wetsuits, mostly Patagonia & Vissla. I was in love with Patagonia but I feel they are just too heavy for me. I have very little access to shops to see/feel suits in person. My question:

How does the Feral suit weight when compared to an xcel? Same for the new Crooked suits. I know Matuse, but they never seem to have my size. Isurus I've had, and loved, but 700 is alot of $$.

Even mid winter - I still only really surf early morning when it's coldest hence the need for a suit suited for water down to the mid-30's.
Look at what they are made of and the properties of those materials. Yamamoto vs neoprene.

There are Different grades of Yamamoto. 40 being the highest I know of. That’s your head nugs of the Yamamoto. Many brands blend 39 and 40. Some offer 100% 40. Mostly top dollar custom suits.

Liners have insulating properties but carry weight/hold water which is how they Insulate.

There is a Jersey material that goes over whatever Material the wetsuit is made of. I believe this is standard across all Yamamoto. The jerseys differ in quality brand the brand.

I believe yulex stretches when wet. So while Patagonia was extremely warm they flushed due to stretch. Basically failed when wet. This was second and third gen. 1st gen was stiff. I gave up on it and don’t know where they are but someone who works there candidly told me to stay away. Having said that the suit was warm. I had to get their suit so tight to make up for the stretch.

I’m paraphrasing what I’ve picked up over the years but think I’m sorta accurate. If you can talk candidly with a manufacturer you can get some info. I’ve never googled the info.


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Nov 16, 2018
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I picked up the new Isurus today so I don’t have to put on my wet xcel tomorrow, and my other old xcel finally gave up the seat. Went Ti-alpha 5/4 in a large, fit a little snugger than my large xcel but was about perfect


Jan 6, 2022
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I’ve worn through all the fancy wetsuits. I just say no now and buy the affordable needessentials suits and focus on my surfing. Their patterns happens to fit my body type exceptionally well and performance is more than enough to not detract from my surfing.


Jan 14, 2021
I have used Oneill for the past 6 years. I love the fit. A mens Large fits just right. But i have had so many problems past couple years with the quality. My 3/2 hyperfreak is 6 months old and the seams are leaking everywhere. My 4/3 epic same problems. The psycho suit i had before I got 1 season out of.

Anyway its not much mor money for the higher end brands like matuse / isurus... etc..

Who uses the top dollar stuff and does it last the much longer? I would like to get 2 solid seasons out of a suit before it leaks... is that unreasonable?
I surf Axxe wetsuits 3/4 of the year in New England. They don't make you a better surfer, but they certainly lengthen your sessions and offer more comfort while minimizing potential for physiological issues related to poor fitting production suits. I put in 4-6hr sessions in the middle of winter. More time in the water makes me happy. It's worth it to me to spend the money on the primo suit. To boot, Axxe's Uzip design is literally zero flush. If you're frolicking in the North Atlantic in the middle of a nor'easter, that goes a long way. In terms of durability, I don't find their neoprene any more or less resistant to damage/wear. Axxe's smoothie material (upper body and arms typically) is amazing performance-wise, but tends to be more vulnerable to wear. For me, that's not a deal breaker, I simply need to be more mindful of it.

In terms of longevity, every wetsuit begins self destructing the moment you put it on, including the expensive ones. I got two heavy winters out of my first 5/3 before it started leaking. I offset the leaking with iron-on wetsuit tape until I couldn't handle the leaks anymore. My hooded 4/3 is solid after two hurricane seasons and is lined up for next year. My 6/3 is solid after last winter and lined up for this coming winter. In the summer I surf a slightly odd fitting needessentials 3/2 and welcome the flush. If I lived somewhere that wasn't a winter wonderland come mid January, I'd probably have Axxe make me a 3/2 because I'd be using it more and I'd want the benefits of a wetsuit that actually fits.

I find a good fitting wetsuit lasts a bit longer because you're not contorting yourself in/out of it and you're not stressing the seams as much during your sessions. I likewise find proper wetsuit care adds life to them. I'll remove mine under running water so I'm not pulling the panels apart, for example. I'll take 2 extra minutes to put my kit on. Those details go a long way, regardless of who made the suit.


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Aug 23, 2007
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I picked up the new Isurus today so I don’t have to put on my wet xcel tomorrow, and my other old xcel finally gave up the seat. Went Ti-alpha 5/4 in a large, fit a little snugger than my large xcel but was about perfect
Isurus suits start out a little on the tightside for the first 3-4 sessions but seem to conform to you body. I may be imagining this anyone else have a similar experience.