Duct Tape At HB starting now 9:40 PDT


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Dec 18, 2020
I'm waiting for Commenters Chris, Mitch and Shannon to show up on Beavis and Butthead.
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Feb 15, 2004
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It’s not a proper duct tape. Short story is that the WSL wanted to just run a single event for their title this year, Tudor and lots of others called them out on it. They backtracked and have run a further two events alongside existing shortboard events ( which is why they haven’t been at world class logging waves - Manly & Huntingdon )
Vans were already bankrolling the US Open so one would imagine the WSL had to ask if they could piggyback that. You’ve gotta imagine it entertained Joels sense of messing with them for them to do that.

Notice the other duct tape events are titled “Joel tudor duct tape” & this isn’t. Also note that they haven’t let Joel anywhere near the commentary booth!
Also, isn't it a rule for the JT Duct tape event ...no leashes?


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Feb 1, 2021
Phillip Island
Big Al is back for color! At least it’s Kaipo and Pete with Al instead of that Chris Cote/Cotay doofus.

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What heats/finals did Knosty comment on? Would like to watch the replay.
I have actually really enjoyed watching them surf the beaches at Manly and Huntington....more like the waves I and mere mortals surf and its a learning curve for me to see how they all approach them. Good to see that the High pro crew are adjusting to Traditional but would love to hear Joels Tudor take on Thunderbolts in the Duct Tape.


Jul 25, 2021
San Carlos, CA
I watched some of the beginning. Interesting, I saw some people actually duck diving those logs. No turtle rolls yet that I noticed. I've only been longboarding a little over a year, so maybe this is common.

Tosh T looks exactly like his dad from a distance. Same "stacked" posture and body type.