Drone pics.


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Oct 4, 2012
Del Mar,CA
i have a mavic Air 2. it is amazing!! one of my favorite things to do is send it up at sunset. I also fly it at night a lot...
mine will go up 1600ft and thats NOT legal but it will.
check out this video... foggy morning on superbowl sunday last year...

if youre looking at the DJI brand:
#1get the insurance. thank god I got it... I crashed it when a bird attacked it...
#2 it is made in China - there is talk about the US govt banning this brand due to spying and whatnot. be aware.
#3 I got the mini from costco but wanted more range and features. i flew the mini for a few weeks before returning it and upgrading,,, the mini 2 looks really good though.

Torrey Pines / Del Mar day and night shots

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