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Jan 22, 2022
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Anyone out there making their own skate decks?

I picked up a couple blanks from and gave it a shot. I wanted to make myself a bowl rider for myself, so I based the outline off the Powell Peralta Nicky Guerrero mask model from 1989. I gave it an 80s look by recreating a design from one of those sweet looking T&C airbrushed shortboards from the late 80s/early 90s -- taped it off, sprayed colors from rattle cans, then clearcoated with a few coats of Polycrylic. Very happy with the results, both aesthetically and functionally. (If I had to refine it, I'd maybe put a touch more width in the tail next time just so I can feel it underfoot a little better when dropping in.) I call it my 80s Bowl Blaster. Enjoy!

Specs: 10" width, 31.5" length, 5.5" nose, 6.75" tail, 15.5" wheelbase.

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Magic work!! That looks so brilliant.
Awesome grinding :cool:

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Feb 15, 2004
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Here's a new DIY deck -- #0004 for me. This one was meant to be a bowl cruiser and was largely experimental -- Experiment #1 was going freeform with the outline. I traced a tail I liked from another board, but then bent a piece of rubber tube into a shape I liked and tracing out the rest that way. Experiment #2 was tinkering around with wood stain, taping it off and whatnot. Experiment #3 was to apply some specific artwork of mine on the bottom by printing it onto rice paper and epoxying it on there. I did it on the deck first as a test -- totally awful! I sanded off all the gloppy, fisheyed epoxy. Since that didn't work, I decided to fill the empty real estate on the bottom of the board with a handpainted doodle of my dog Dingo on there because... why not? I was striving for a screenprinted look with all solid shapes and no blending. I took 'er for the maiden voyage was this weekend. It felt pretty good!




And a tiny little old guy air to turn it into airborne artwork:

Details: 10" wide by whatever length it ended up being. The blank was drilled for 15.5 wheelbase, so I double drilled it for 15" as well and ran it shorter. Trucks are Ace 66 Classics, wheels are 60mm/95A Winkowski Slime Balls.

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
Not sure how often people are reading this skate forum, but I thought I'd post up another DIY skate deck of mine in case it serves as inspiration for anyone else looking to make their own. Here's my #0005. My goal was a more neutral shape for skating mini ramps.



I stained the wood to be reminiscent of those classic G&S decks with the gradient. It really pops in the sun:

The big experiment with this one was the artwork. I painted this cowboy pickerel on another deck a while back (my very first time painting) and wanted to reproduce it on this board without the hassle of repainting it. My surfboard glassing experience came in handy -- I photographed the painted artwork, printed it on rice paper, and lightly brushed epoxy over it to laminate it to the deck. I also painted a white area to serve as the background since the rice paper doesn't reproduce whites. Some fine sanding and clear satin enamel spray after that. It's not perfect but came out pretty darn good for an experiment.



Finally, the ride report: It goes great! The shape feels perfect for my needs. Leaner feeling than my last one, but still 9.5". The bonus is getting to have my cowboy pickerel artwork on it. :p