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Discussion in 'Skate' started by Twinturbo, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Twinturbo

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    Mar 15, 2017
    Columbia SC
    I started skateboarding in 1967 where at the time your deck was basically a trimmed 2 by 4 and the wheels were 2 metal roller skates, the front and back separated and nailed on to the board lining it up best you can by eyesight. Used to ride down steep hills on my back I was so small and it wasn't near as dangerous as they had a limited top speed...lucky me. Things have certainly come a long way but it was a ton of fun in those days too. Nobody around Wash DC had ever heard of kick turns or 360's...can you imagine that...learned to do those in one long day...then found out they were doing all these sorts of things in California for a while...regional differences I guess. Just some ancient history for you shredders...hope I didn't bore you.

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