Devon Howard / Wayne Rich Collab Video


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Jul 28, 2021
Agua Fria
Log surfing and egg surfing is different and I would not expect both to be the same (nor similar). To me, he's doing amazing moves on a log like @Speak mentions.
I wouldn't either. I actually felt like he was riding it a little eggier than I would have hoped instead of hitting cleaner nose rides. But I have never surfed Malibu, much less Malibu under those specific conditions, so I will trust the judgment of the community that he was crushing, even though I can't see it


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May 11, 2018
Dana Point, Ca
I have this board, but certainly can't surf like Devon in any conditions.
Interesting in the post that the latest tweaks to the Model D is to remove the edge on the tail. Wayne put a sharper tail edge on mine.

Any thoughts on no edge versus edge?


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Jun 1, 2021
Interesting in the post that the latest tweaks to the Model D is to remove the edge on the tail. Wayne put a sharper tail edge on mine.

Any thoughts on no edge versus edge?
I was under the impression that Devon gave input a lot of input to Thomas on his designs and I don't think that there is much edge in any of the Thomas boards. Hi pro log has a little bit of "tucked edge", but maybe Wayne wanted to try more of the hard edge and Devon wasn't feeling it. Could be that the template/rocker/rail/concave combo on this board wasn't giving Devon the quite the noseriding that he wanted so they put the brakes on a little by pulling off that edge.


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Mar 20, 2012
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Cautionary note. It might have been a first run of boards in their ‘collab’ with Channel Islands but some of the WR/CI boards had very poor glass job or soft blanks. Good marketing though.


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Aug 23, 2007
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Devon seems like a nice guy. This is in no way meant to throw any shade his way or by extension the shapers willing to base a board on his design input. What I would like to put out there for discussion is that I find it really fascinating how many shapers are willing to open their doors to working with him.

Maybe he is just better at communicating/articulating nuance than other surfers, maybe he has ridden a wider variety of boards albeit those that he had input on, I don't know. Maybe he is just ambitious and is just "having fun" and he is our relatable to guy. I think he is a very competent longboarder but not all that inventive or exciting to watch. So maybe that is part of it Devon's quiet style is such that an average Joe/Jane may imagine being able to emulate it, with the right board under their feet? Maybe this is the whole point of signature models

Honestly, I think I'd rather watch him on a mid-length. Until recentIy I thought what's the deal. Is he just pimping the tried and true the SD egg how different could they be? The curiosity finally got the best of me and now having now ridden one I see that that is not the case at all. In fact, though the outline might seem similar his eggs seem to me to be an attempt at midlengths for the open mided or aging HPSB. Maybe I'm over simplifying things a bit so, this point is entirely fishing for discussion.

So this then brings me to the question: what it the market that the Devon longboard colabs are intended for? The recent shapers he has worked with after departing from Takayama; Tyler, Thomas and now Wayno all have a fairly solid range of great longboard models to chose from and people willing to pay $$$$ and wait a year or longer to ride one. Maybe I missed it. Is this a model for CI brand?
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