Dead kooks glider and Hobie mini legacy


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Sep 28, 2018
San Diego
11’6 dk glider, superwolf glassed, insane board. From website, ‘These big blades are one of my favourites in the range. Ideal at 11’11 yet can happily scale them down, they are a far cry from some big boaty plug. A very refined foil tip to tip, rolled nose entry that continues down the length of the board to a deeper panel Vee in the tail. The bottom roll combined with the consistent curve in the rail line and moderate even rocker helps make these such a dynamic board. Incredibly fast yet easily manoeuvrable, stable and surfable from all over the board. Fast highlines, tight trim, long swooping turns, the feeling of 10ft of rail all in the water at once and realising is high addictive. Hard to lave these alone once you get started and much more than a board for small grovel days. Available from 10’10’
quiver overlap. 8.5-9/10 condition lightly ridden, one tiny rail snackle covered with ding tape. $1100

8’0 Arenal shaped Hobie mini legacy. IMO rides more like a ‘mini noserider’ or something along those lines, not really what I was looking for. Picked up a 7’10 Hall fish Simmons instead. 9 or 9.5/10 condition. Ridden a handful of times, pics from when new, wax to be stripped. 900 obo

would entertain trades for 10 ft+ fish Simmons from the SD usual suspects or a Terry Martin glider

6F09C86F-E9B7-4FF3-9941-C6E03F2B8F5D.jpeg 9E08BFC5-F06D-495A-B906-8FE6F7868D18.jpeg 7B2CCBB0-F4EF-48D3-B37D-3AD2E682A853.jpeg B35F959E-79B7-4AB8-8612-0C4CF228980C.jpeg F1F08D18-B94E-4692-A3AD-EFD0113C1411.jpeg 2FE8B0A0-0AF9-473A-9041-06736E08CC74.jpeg
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