Dead Horse, or The Official Not Andreini Andreini Thread

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by dr flavors, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. dr flavors

    dr flavors Member

    Jul 21, 2019
    since i asked the initial question that jacked the socal deal thread... a couple more thoughts (in the appropriate forum) regarding the "not andreini" andreini.

    first it seems there's an expectation based on an assumption that a given andreini will in fact be handshaped by marc. but unlike lovelace who states "handshaped by..." on his boards, i can't find anywhere on marc's website, order forms and questionnaires, or the boards themselves that this is the case. instead he just states that the crew he works with is small and waits are long so plan ahead.

    regarding the lam on the not andreini shaped mcvee, it seems to me that whether you can relate to it or not, andreini is a business. and everyone (whether employee or sub-contractor) involved with the production of that particular board was working for andreini. so "shaped by andreini" is what it says it is. nothing more or less.

    not buying it?

    how about the art angle... a shit ton of people worked on cristo's running fence, but that doesn't mean it ain't a cristo. architecture? its a frank lloyd wright, right? even though he only designed it? my little collection of lichtenstein lithos... 5/30 is just as relevant and valuable as 29/30 which ain't any less a lichtenstein than the artist proof. i can go on and on, but i'll spare you.

    and since some have to monetize freakin' everything... and that somehow a machine shape should cost less than a handshape because it wasn't touched by "the master"... i offer you chris christenson, (whose flat tracker v.1 is one my all time favs btw), and who commands some of the highest prices in the industry for a machined blank, scrubbed by his brother, signed "chris christenson" by god knows who, and glassed at chris' factory.

    that's all i got. except this sick little video clip of darsh on andreini edge vaq. have at it if you feel inclined...

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  2. Ricksurfin

    Ricksurfin Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2019
    San Clemente, CA
    I won’t argue opinions because yours is just as valuable as mine. My thoughts are that any board manufacturer can put his company name on any board produced under his label, but if you’re going to mark on the board that it was shaped by a certain individual it should have been. To me, that’s a fair business practice, and a sign of integrity.
    Maybe your definition of “shaped by” is different then mine.
    I sent an email to Marc asking for an explanation (I highly doubt I’ll get a response), but if I do I’ll post it up here with his permission. Until then, I’m done posting about it.
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  3. dingdong

    dingdong Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
    USA California
    its all about transparency isn't it? as long as we're informed from the get go, if its hand shaped by the shaper themselves, or its a machined blank scrubbed by a ghost/factory shaper on staff, then there's no hurt feelings or expectancies...with Andreini's I guess because its kind of looked at as a special niche brand with a pretty loyal following there's the expectancy of Mr. Andreini shaping all his orders...otherwise with brands like Lost or Channel Islands, no one expects those to be hand shaped and could care less
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  4. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson Active Member

    Apr 11, 2019
    Ventura, CA
    Sincere question: does anyone know for a fact that the boards in question (Andreini's with a "shaped by Marc Andreini" lam) are not in fact shaped or otherwise touched by Marc? Would love to know for sure one way or the other before his name continues to get tossed around.
  5. Ricksurfin

    Ricksurfin Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2019
    San Clemente, CA
    I wasn’t going to respond anymore, but I will to this.
    To be completely fair to Marc, I sent him an email asking for an explanation of what was what. If he responds, with his permission I’ll post it up.
    My sincere hope is that he handshapes every board that says it’s shaped by him. I’d love to report that.
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  6. Bummer Dude

    Bummer Dude Active Member

    Jul 8, 2019
    Seems like from the other thread at least, nobody on here knows one way or the other at this point. The laminate signature just begs the question - since most of his boards are hand-signed. In other words why go with lam on some boards and not others if they are all built the same way?
  7. OX 45

    OX 45 Active Member

    Jan 3, 2014
    it all depends on your definition of shaped.
    The curves were shaped by Marc.

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  8. Artz

    Artz Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2018
    Remember the days when lighting bolts were the most popular board. And getting a “ Jerry Lopez” Bolt was like the coolest thing ever? 99.9 % Of those with the Jerry Lopez lames on the Board came out of the Hobie Factory. Shaped and glassed in Orange County CA. By Hobie In the mean time Jerry is still in Hawaii Surfing and yes shaping some Boards along with the rest of the authorized Bolt shapers. Like Barnsfield ,Eberly Parrish, Rory, and others.
  9. waveslider619

    waveslider619 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2017
    Im sure all are priced accordingly in the vintage market...
  10. JMAC

    JMAC Active Member

    Funny thing is even the supposedly legit LOPEZ on the blank for the old 70's bolts were supposed to be Gerry handshapes...come to find out he was using ghosts even back then. I mean it's hearsay but I trust the person who told me.

    PS Not talking of the Gerry Lopez cursive signature boards that came out of the Hobie factory.

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