Davenport surfboards. Got one? Ridden one?


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Jan 11, 2020
Surfside Beach, TX
Had straight up pig he shaped for Nick. One of the best boards I have ever had. I surfed it more than any board I had at that time for the entire season. Also had a couple of BKNRs that were exceptional. Adam is also a great and humble dude. I'd have zero problem having nothing but Davenports in my quiver.


Jul 13, 2020
I’ve had a 9’8 40-65 for seven years- a lot of that time it’s been my only board. It’s held up well and the glass is bulletproof. Works in any size wave I’m comfortable surfing. It’s so insanely fun to turn this thing, I haven’t got sick of that feeling and doubt I ever will. I suck at noseriding so my opinion there is worthless. I’m 6’3 and 245 and it works great for me, but the rails are thinner than I was used to. I want to pick up another one in the 10’ plus range for small days with a little more float. Maybe the noserider, thing, or the Baja model. If anyone’s trying to get rid of one let me know but I’ll probably go custom eventually. Can’t recommend his boards enough.


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May 9, 2010
USA California and Nashville, TNN
Bringing the thread back since I’m so stoked on my new custom I need to share.

Just picked up my new noserider, 10’ x 23” x 3 3/8”. Classic weight foam, double 10 oz deck and 10 oz bottom with his big laps. He had another board ordered around the same time in which the order fell through, he upgraded me to the other guys blank with that big 2” balsa stringer, free of charge.

I’ve had other boards from Adam and this is my first custom. I can confidently say this is the most beautiful board I’ve ever owned. With all his boards the fit and finish is absolutely impeccable. From the glass on, to the wide laps, the resin of the comp band, everything is top notch.

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Such a sweet board. Congrats. While I’ve seen and felt up the rails of several of Adam’s creations, I’m still in a holding pattern, waiting to try a Davenport but it’s hard when you’re 1500 miles from CA and landlocked by 600 miles. There are many things to love about living near Nashville but not having an ocean nearby is one of the biggest downsides.