Critters Surfboards....anyone had one?


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Aug 29, 2013
Well said one and all; it is getting hard to get true craftsman like Frye, Pavel, Hilbers, Cherry and others to shape boards as they are very much in demand and can more or less choose which projects they choose to take on. Although certainly a lot of great shapers that pump out boards like nobody's business---Andreini, Christenson, Mitsven and others.

So true. All the builders you mentioned are treasures and should be supported. People here mocked my "30 year" rule. I will only get a board from a builder that has 30 or more (hopefully way more) years experience in the trade. I want someone who has shaped through different design evolution, comes from a surf heritage background (example; San Diego, Santa Barbara, etc.) and has spent time in a professional work environment, learning from masters of the trade. Why would anyone want anything else?


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Sep 13, 2020
The OC Bubble
So a buddy is interested in Critters' Mystic Jelly? Should they avoid? I feel like I know the answer but wanted to hear from the forum. Thanks.



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Apr 13, 2021
Pacifica, CA
I think I read on the erbb that some people in oahu are ripping on critters boards, but I've yet to see anything myself and think that was another case of excellent surfers who could shred on anything. While I think veterano's commentary and advice is on point and is something I'm going to try following, I'd give one a try if it was cheap or someone would let me borrow theirs. I used to roll my eyes at Album years ago, but my Plasmic has become one of my favorite boards.


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Nov 29, 2020
Boy, have I got a board for you. I hear it’s hully and super user friendly. Nose shape might vary a bit.