COVID-19 Who had/has it?


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Oct 27, 2015
Wilmington, NC
We hired a woman mid-pandemic, her husband picked it up at work (he's in construction) and was fine she was in the hospital for 5 weeks before passing away. Both were early 60s. My sister in law (early 50s) and her boyfriend (early 60s) both have had it and while he was extremely fatigued and both had the rest of the symptoms both recovered and are feeling better but not 100% a couple months after. Fortunately she did not pass it to my father in law who is 80 and not in good health and lives with her. as soon as she was diagnosed they both wore masks in the house for 2 weeks. She did pass it to her son's girlfriend who has had both vaccine shots. She is younger mid 20s and had very mild symptoms. An old coworker got it in January and has recovered with the exception of his sense of smell. A friend's father of average health in his early 70s got it and passed away. I too believe in science and plan on making permanent some of the changes I've adopted over the last year. My parents received their first shots last week and my father in law just today. I am extremely grateful to the people who worked so hard to produce a vaccine in what must be record time.


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Aug 29, 2013
Just for the record; I will continue to wear a mask around others not to protect myself ( I believe in the vax and the subsequent variant boosters to protect me ) but to protect others. Studies show that a vaccinated person can still carry C-19 to others w/o contracting it yourself.
It's all about the big picture. With out that big picture the human race will never get a handle on this corona virus.


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Feb 6, 2015
PNW between here and there
Condolences to any and all who have lost a friend, a loved one, likely didn't need to happen if this had been handled right at the start....sister in law got very ill, now recovering, wife's brother tested positive with zero have been rigid on the masks and social isolation from the start, so all healthy so far...Oregon has been a confused turtle on the vacccine roll out, so we're just waiting....still see idiots in stores with a bandana pulled down around their mouth, nose sticking out, ala 'dicknose'...obstination, favorite kool-aid for too many
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Jan 14, 2013
USA California
my wife and I got it during Thanksgiving last year...luckily our kids and our elderly aunt did not get it....also lucky it wasn't serious for did hold me down pretty good for two weeks though...body aches, no fever, slept alot because of exhaustion...still tired easily weeks after it went away...the constant headaches were what sucked the most...but like I said...we had it relatively easy compared to others...I was worried for awhile because of my previous heart surgery...but luckily nothing bad manifested..I thank surfing for my newfound strength and health
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Jan 16, 2012
Was mandated by my office to get tested and came back negative. Over the next 24 hours I spent 1500 (round about) getting tested 5 more times and received a positive on 3 of them. I caught strep throat and went to a local clinic since I was out of town. Without any test I was covid positive since I had a fever and was sore. Thankfully they gave me the antibiotics I wanted and the strep cleared up. I went to another clinic 4 days later to get a antibody test, I got negative results.
I have a question what does the Pfizer and moderna shot trigger your body to produce?


Oct 27, 2019
Maryland, or By-the-Sea
CDC straightforward explanation on how a messenger RNA vaccine works,
"mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. To trigger an immune response, many vaccines put a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies. Not mRNA vaccines. Instead, they teach our cells how to make a protein—or even just a piece of a protein—that triggers an immune response."
the "m" is basically sending a message to the RNA to trigger immunities if SARS-CoV-2 appears at the gates knocking on the door.

The technology, mRNA, has been around for a long time (in technology time) and vaccines using the technology were developed, manufactured but not really deployed as the virus had run its course. Both companies, Pfizer and Moderna, basically had their vaccine recipes prepared one year ago January, but needed to test for the efficacy of treatment dosaging. Hopefully, the mRNA technology can be tweaked to counter the UK and SA variants, packaged together, possibly with the current recipe, and used as a booster for some, a regular shot series for others.

I remember about ten years ago a travel group of Asians in the Honolulu airport wearing masks. This was in response to their experiences of the MERS or SARS. And many still to to this day. It is easy, now, to understand why. This might be a new way of life for us the next couple of years until herd immunities are built up to counter the variants. We really need 4 to 5 million shots daily, not the low level 1 to 2 million, in the race to counter spread = mutation = variants.


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Aug 29, 2013
One of the strengths of the mRNA technology is the ease that it CAN be "tweaked" to deal with the current and future variants. Kind of like you can change content on a web page easily. But in order to do that, the variants have to be gnome (sp) sequenced which is just starting to be funded and carried out in an organized manner. Just another important aspect that the orange dotard left unaddressed. He and his crew of sycophants had this explained to them and ignored it. Science.


Oct 27, 2019
Maryland, or By-the-Sea
Yup, Veterano, I was pleased to obtain a first Moderna mRNA inoculation one week ago, next shot in 3 weeks, and hope for the variant(s) vax in the Fall/Winter. And maybe that variant vax will also include a booster for the baseline SARS-CoV-2.

BTW, the gnome can be sequenced rather quickly. It is the test and evaluation process that takes the most time. However, we need gnome sequencing to type and measure the spread of types, to know what to package in a future vax. Who knows, we may end up with a Calif or a Jersey variant. Heaven forbid the Belmar variant!
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Nov 12, 2014
USA Rhode Island
My 2 cents

- I hope you recover soon
- my worst daily struggle is to fight every single day many of my ignorant friends I have , many of them physicians
Their saying “ is just a flu , fever and aches”
Well, every minute a sucker is born
- I’m in no way a chicken shit at all
Amd only fear a few things in life
This morherfucker virus is one of them
Not until someone you know / love dies you realize this crap is real and is a bad ass killer
Spares NO one
- yes, the 85 y old obese with COPD , obstructive sleep apnea , cirrhosis , etc will last as much as a fart in a basket.
But I seen too many “ healthy” 40 y old going in flames
And once I put the endotracheal tube in them, is a death sentence .
So how can I go out and tell the young kids he has that he will
Die ?
Is a fucked up world. I feel like the guy who puts the rope against your neck .
doing something to save you , because you are blue and can’t breath anymore , but we all know is the end of it .
- so ....
To avoid political fights ,let’s say this
Now you have ZERO protection against this mf, unless you got the vaccine .
Or unless you live alone secluded in an island .
And now
You have the chance to get the vaccine .
fucking get it !!!
Don’t be that retard that says
Well , it has a microchip that the government can
Follow me ( they already follow
You with social
Well, it can give me autoimmune disease ( you can
Choose to die instead)
So many excuses
Get the fucking vaccine , is a no brainer
Here in CT they started with 75 and older
Now 65
Hopefully someday is gonna be free for all

- as far as your follow up
Your doctor that before you resume surfing or exercising to have an echocardiogram
This virus may affect your heart and you have no clue until
You out it to stress
And you end up dead
I’ve seen it too frequent
And whenever something is “ off”
Please go
To The doctor
Don’t settle for
What they say , if you are
Not comfortable , ask for a chest CT to see the extent of the damage
Ask him if you need to be on steroids , antibiotics or even anticoagulation
The thromboembolic complications of this shit can be fatal.

- but please don’t stop surfing
Imho it is still
One of the safest activities we can
No after surf parties, and you ll be good
Stay safe
Viva Mexico carajo !!