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    Feb 6, 2015
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    another example of pure greedy fukkery at it's the late teens, early 20's of last century, Henry Ford, Goodyear Tires and Standard Oil formed a secret troika that started a land company that quietly began buying up tens of thousands of small parcels across the US.

    Why these particular parcels? Ford's industrial spies had obtained the exact location routes of all the additional track lines the railroads wanted to crisscross the US with to keep railroads the prime mover of good and folks. So by buying up all the key intersection parcels with roads and highways along the planned routes, they effectively blocked them. When the railroad magnates banded together and took their case to congress, the troika's bought and paid for congressmen prevented them from even getting a hearing.

    Once the railroads abandoned their plans, the Troika's next push with congress was to lobby them to start building highways across the US, the major ones following those exact routes. And so their master plan was a huge success, shutting down the viability of trains for mass transportation of goods and people, guaranteeing the immense future profits of the auto, tire and gas companies, and effectively shutting down forever the viability of rapid mass transit across state and country.

    We are rapidly approaching the tipping point, in so many ways..
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    My post has been call bullshit and utterly bullshit.
    You guys do realize all I said was before you spend the rest of your life preaching and regurgitating a political parties talking points...look at a 5 minute debunking video..there are plenty of credible scientist doing at least you know all the info.
    Could you imagine if our justice system only had prosecutors and no defensive...or the opposite.
    That would not be an honest or correct verdict.
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    Post a good one if you would. I'm always open to the other side and though I didn't catch your original post I wouldn't call BS without hearing you out. But my one question to someone who says "I can't believe climate change will effect us because of x,y,z is: What's the worst that could happen if we take drastic steps now just in case the science is correct? A few more trees, a little less people and the petroleum products they use, more solar panels and wind mills?
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    May 10, 2006
    What some constitutionalist are afraid a carbon tax.
    A carbon tax will give the government control over energy...and with it a massive amount of control and power over American citizens.
    Not to mention a powerful massive new tax revinue for the federal government.
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    Ooohhh wait you mean like instead of the energy lobby controlling the government? Yeah, putting big decisions in the hands of people we elect sounds way scarier.
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    Yes... I'd be very interested to hear some arguments against human-accelerated climate change that aren't easily debunked by the majority of the scientific community as well.
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    I care, We need more solar power. My father was importing solar panels from Isreal in the late 1970's thanks to Carters incentives and had a thriving business in southern California.Reagan put an end to incentives, my dads business and tore the solar panels off the White House roof as we all know.
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    May 10, 2006
    There are plenty on YouTube...
    Looked it up.
    I am not here to argue for or against it.
    All I'm saying is 5 minutes of YouTube research...or just follow the crowd...your call.
    But anyone who only gets bombarded by one side is not educated on any particular subject.
  9. unforgiven

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    May 10, 2006
    I agree with you...
    But remember ... one side is lobbied by oil....the other by "green energy".
    There are of billions or trillions of dollars to be made .
    Not to mention an expansion of government power and overreach if a carbon tax...or the green new deal are implimented.
    Don't think for a minute these politicians won't lie on either side of the isle.
    Like I say....5minutes of research.
    Just 5minutes....any debunking video.
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  10. unforgiven

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    May 10, 2006
    I see your point...
    But there is a point you are unintentionally making also.
    Government taking my hard earned money to pay for a southern California roof.
    Not fair.
    Government shouldn't pick winners and losers in any industry.

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