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    Example 1
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    We're way past the point of using other people's hypocrisy as an excuse to do nothing ourselves.
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    Mar 15, 2017
    IMHO the key issue is that we still live in the illussion that a world economy based on constant growth sustained year after year with the use of our planets resources is possible to maintan.

    IMHO its not only the resources that are drying up but also the workforce. It's no longer good enough to make a profit, next year you have to squeeze more profit out of the same employes within the same time frame to keep the shareholders happy.

    This IMHO leeds to more problems we see in the children and young addults I work with as a teacher. When their parents are to burnt out and drained from work, they don't have any energy or time to give to their children, because if they are not working, they are too busy trying to live up to some fake instagram version of themselves.
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    Yes, they never explain where exactly we are supposed to be growing to. Good friends, good food, a couple good waves. What more do we need?
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    Aug 29, 2013
    Don't like politics? Then try science. Or what's right in front of your eyes.
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    Short and to the point. And spot on. I can dig that.
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    not about undermining capitalist ideology, it's about transforming it.

    We're living on a power grid that in some places is a 100 years old. Coal, f'n coal? Crumbling highways, ancient bridges, blah, blah. The industrial titans of the previous century were both visionaries and capitalist. These days, with the exception of a rare few like Elon Musk, their are no visionaries, only profit whores.

    Here's a micro on technology - after we bombed the shit out of Japanese steel smelters during WW2, American taxpayers paid for Japan to rebuild their country, starting with new technology closed smelters, which produce better and cheaper steel then the open smelters common in the US. Result? Japan owned the international steel trade for decades, kicking our ass, because the owners of the US smelters refused to spend the capital to become competitive, spending $ instead on lobbyists to buy congressmen to introduce steel import tariffs to protect them here in the US. Roll forward 5 decades, bring China into the equation, rinse and repeat...

    with the current investor driven maximum return on investment "greed is good" mentality, there is no long term strategies to improve, rebuild ,'s just suck the $ out now, the future be damned...ignoring the enormous profit potential of solar, tidal, private party toll bridges, highways, high speed transit, etc....

    regarding old diesel cars and trucks..ran a build project in Silicon Valley on a designated EPA Superfund Site...had a noted environmental engineering firm run 24/7 air monitoring for months then present findings..157 chemicals present in the air sampling...their designated 'most dangerous'..? Diesel particulates from the tens of thousands of buses and trucks zooming around SV 24/7. The danger? Diesel exhaust particulate is the perfect size to lodge in your lungs, is shaped like a starfish, embeds in tissue and is highly yourself a favor, next time you find yourself behind a diesel rig and you can smell it driving? Shut off outside air until you can pass it...
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    Here is a thought....
    You wouldn't decided a murder case by only listening to the would also listen to the defensive lawyer.
    Yet the government and the mostly democratic media insist that anyone questioning the "religion" of global warming is a nut case.
    Before you all spend the rest of your life preaching about global warming , take 5 minute of your life and look up a global warming debunked video.
    There are many scientist who do not believe it is happening...and many who believe it is happening but we have little to do with it.
    All I'm saying is take a peek, follow the money and control the government will acuire if a carbon tax is implimented.
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    Jun 9, 2007
    What a load of bullshit!!
  10. Bruce Fowler

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    Jul 28, 2018
    This guy makes accepting his "facts" very easy to accept.
    Then there are compelling arguments from 'less easy to swallow' sources - IOW, you hafta be able to R-E-A-D.

    I don't know what to believe nor who the 'true' experts are. There are too many forces at play with ulterior motives. What's that saying? "Greed is Good"?

    The bottom line, at least for me, is that we need to realize our "Spaceship Earth" is finite and if we are intelligent life, we will adopt measures to protect and agree on responsible global management. I seem to remember more than one astronaut looking down on our planet and remarking how beautiful yet fragile it looked.
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