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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by Fubar, May 16, 2019.

  1. Fubar

    Fubar Active Member

    Jul 21, 2005
    Cambridge, MA
    I will be in Byron Bay for a week this July. What kind of wetsuit should I bring for early morning sessions? Which shapers or shops should I check out? I'm going buy a board when I get there, surf it and bring it home. Right now, I'm all about 8' boards. Some kind of hot generation, v bottom single is my current mindset.

    Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

    thanks, ed
  2. davey

    davey Active Member

    Jun 9, 2007
    Water will be somewhat cold, maybe a long sleeve springy. McTavish is in Byron so that's your best bet or maybe the Surfboard Warehouse. I wouldn't bother with taking the board back with you, just offload it if you can, you guys have much better shapers and boards where you are plus boards over are heaps more expensive then America. A new McTavish longboard will set you back about $2000 and a midlength $1500. Try your luck at the many surf shops around Byron for a second hand board but being Byron prepare to pay top dollar..Good luck and hopefully you'll score good waves.
  3. shadydave

    shadydave Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2014
    Ayer Ma USA
    With what davey said it sounds like you should bring a board and sell it before you leave. :)
  4. Fubar

    Fubar Active Member

    Jul 21, 2005
    Cambridge, MA
  5. Croweater

    Croweater Active Member

    Oct 4, 2010
    Carlsbad, CA
    What Davey said is spot on. You will be fine in a long sleeve springy...I had a short sleeve and I was fine because like you I was coming from New England. Piece of piss.

    Bringing a board might be a good idea if you have a way of transporting it and then unload it. I went to McTavish and rented a beautiful Grace model for around $200 for about 5 days. Not cheap but a sick board. He has a bunch of nice boards that you can choose from. Grab a flat white while you are there.

    Bryon Bay is special place but can get a little busy. I was there in July also which isn’t bad for crowds. I got skunked for waves in both Bryon and Noosa but got in the water everyday and tried to get a few small ones.

    One thing is for certain is that you can find a coldie in most places.

    Have fun mate. Cheers
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  6. Surfnfish

    Surfnfish Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2015
    Devils Lake, Oregon Coast
    might want to check out Bryan Bates while there,...Brian transplanted from the Oregon coast a decade ago...initially trained with Cort Gion, a well respected shaper originally from Santa Cruz , then shaped under his own label here for years....landed in Byron Bay and went to work for Mctavish until restarting his own label. Bryan is a single fin guy at heart..builds a quality board..
  7. Bman76

    Bman76 New Member

    Oct 27, 2016
    There are a stack of good surfboard factories up there.

    If you like the midlength stuff, go and visit I have a space pig - unreal midlength: vee bottom and super pinched rails.

    Paul Hutchinson does some lovely boards:

    Agree about Bryan Bates' exceptional craftsmanship.

    And there are many more small independent people in that area that do great work. Or if you organise something to be up there in advance: Thomas Bexon, Neal Purchase Jnr, Mick Mackie, Jye Byrnes, Corey Graham and many, many more.

    The dollar will likely work in your favour:
  8. JaM

    JaM New Member

    Jan 29, 2018
    What the Bman said! I live one hour north of Byron and if you are looking for a board in the 8ft range, wildthings, north coast which make the vouch boards and mctavish will light your fire.

    I wear a 2mm long sleeve springy through winter but if you’re from a colder climate, you ll be ok in boardies!

    Winter is a great time to surf the bay, the back packers sleep in because it’s chilly and won’t clog the line up until after 8am. I stayed their one August and hit the pass at first light around 6 and had beautiful 3fters with a handful of locals till 7am.

    Should be clear skies with a crisp offshore each morning, if the swell is small in the bay, go for a run south and find an open beachie.
  9. Fubar

    Fubar Active Member

    Jul 21, 2005
    Cambridge, MA
    All: This is great. Thanks very much.

    One more question: any suggestions on neighborhoods to stay with my wife where I can walk out the door to the beach?
  10. JaM

    JaM New Member

    Jan 29, 2018
    Check out Seahaven at wategoes it’s an air bnb run by a local family, they have a studio and a larger upstairs apartment:

    Give Graham a call or shoot him an email, super nice people. 2 minute stroll through to the point, 5-10 mins walk to the Pass

    Closer to town near main beach the Bay Royal apartments: this is two minutes walk to the centre of town and beach front.

    Further north at bilongil is element:

    This is about a 15 minute stroll along the beach to the centre of town. But, you can surf out front with no crowds.

    All three are at fun surf spots, it’ll just depend on the swell and whether you want to surf the points or a beachie

    Hope this helps

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