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Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
I'll play -- I think I got this one around 1991. Airbourne Tom Groholski model. I had a weird collection of pharmacy stickers on the bottom. I pulled it out of my parents' shed early this summer, gave it a refresher with new wheels and bushings, and took it for a spin at a local bowl. Still felt pretty good!



Before and after:

I'd say around the same time, I picked up this deck for cheap at Allied Hobbies -- Powell Peralta Per Welinder freestyle board. I always like trying something a little different, so I figured I'd give freestyle a whirl. Freestyle parts were pretty hard to find but I got everything I needed from a California Cheap Skates mail order catalog (CCS now). I never got really good at it, but I did have a pretty nice primo kickflip thing down that impressed the girls on my block. I sold it a few years ago on eBay for pretty good money.


Unfortunately no pics of my old G&S Bill Tocco (with the octopus) and early Powell Caballero (with the long dragon).