Bummed on Vaquero


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Sep 12, 2008
No need to feel bummed.

Greg Liddle wrote this piece to explain what we should expect from riding a ‘hull’ and where we should seek to ride one 10 years ago in response to peoples’ dissatisfaction with his own designs at that time.

Marc’s boards share many formal characteristics with Liddle’s as both shared geographical and historical lineage.

Stay stoked.


Mar 11, 2008
I wanted to lived up the feel of my 8’6” Vaquero, so I switched it up to a 10.25" super rakey, super foiled and narrow fin. Really aggressive looking, but holds just as well as the 9.5" GL wide base fin I was using, and is loose and more responsive. Zero issues with sliding out. Loving it, so far!

That’s my fin, but not my Vaquero.
Nice, who makes that fin?


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Aug 8, 2019
Bodega Bay
Vaqueroitis quick fix - Ride a McVee
I had a McVee and it had the same problems! The vee made is SEEM responsive to going rail to rail, BUT there was no tail rocker and the sucker would just roll over or skid out if waves SH to HH. Thought about getting local glasser to put in side bite plugs. Realized that would cost a lot and that a lot of folks would want the board "as is" given the long wait for Andreini's and the respect to let her be what the shaper intended for a wanting person. It was a "gentleman's surfboard" for limited conditions and not utilitarian surfboard for me. My local surf breaks are just too unpredictable for boards that only work in limited conditions. SoCal would be prime for a McVee. Not up north of SF, it turns out. There are some amazing elements to the Mc Vee that I put into a garage shaped board. It works better for me. Kudos to Marc Andreini for the inspiration and craftsmanship to study and use as a guide for my conundrum! His shape was so perfect and well foiled/glassed. Another reason to pass her on vs franken-fix her to my needs!


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Oct 15, 2020
San Francisco
Get a fowler V8
No wait…
Hey that rhymes
Have 2, 7 and your old 8'2. Trying to move the 7 never clicked with it. I did have a moment with that 8'2 and holding on to it for now but my main issue is they like a particular wave I don't get to surf much up here. I could see them doing great at steamers and pp