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Aug 30, 2020
Southern California
I exclusively ride the 7'1" vBowls I got from bigboard with a 7.75" volan Lovelace fin with the larger runners from an FCS set. I tried riding the board once without it, and while it felt fine while trimming, it felt like it was missing something when I was on my back foot and pushing it through turns. I'm definitely going to make sure Ryan puts FCS plugs on my upcoming one or glass the runners in.

I've been meaning to try riding the Joel Tudor Bonzeresque runners from DRD4 but kinda forgot about it until you brought this up:

Good to know, those were the ones I was thinking of getting, as well as the Joel Tudor 6.5” fin.

Here is the board in question since it is still up on CL.


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Aug 8, 2022
My tri plane 8 ft nine lights bonzer works well in everything. Grovels good, and it gets in super early on anything of size. I find myself getting stuck in drawn out turns time to time and in my mind i blame it on the runners but more than likely its just me. It does want your back foot to be more in play than your front foot to make it com alive.

After a lot of trial and error I landed on a wide base thick foiled 6.75 fin that seems to work in everything.
Do I understand correctly that 6.75 is the optimal size for all cases or for some particular ones?