Board Rental and recs on Oahu?


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Apr 1, 2021
Los Angeles
+1 on Quality and Surf Garage. Quality has more of the contemporary performance boards but also has a small batch of alternative stuff that always looks fun. I love the fact that if you rent for them for multiple days you can switch out boards as you see fit.

Surf Garage had more of the alternative stuff, a little more to rent but not by much. Really cool shop too just to check out.

If you are going to be frequenting the North Shore and want something more performance-y I know the Pyzel HQ is up there and they do a 3 day loaner program for a good price so you can try out one of his shapes. Cool thing is if you decide you want one of those boards they will apply the cost of loaning the board to you towards your new board. And also if you decide to get one since they build boards in Oceanside CA you can have it built there so no worrying about shipping etc. I was up there checking out a new twin that he put out (Wildcat) and it sounded really fun for mid size hawaiian waves.