Any Bing experts?

Mar 12, 2020
Santa Cruz
Priced too high.

My buddy had a 60's Bing Pig in about the same shape that he struggled to sell for $500

On the other hand that Nuuhiwa above is highly collectable.


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Oct 1, 2015
As I mentioned I am not a Bing expert, just love the history and boards, but I know who is and that's Bing himself. He just sent this to me: Looks legit to me as well. Not sure about the orange gloss coat. I'm pretty sure that's not original. And as Tom said, the first ghost lam I did was on the orange gun I made in 1960.

And from Tom Moss:
Yes, Bing did ghost lams! Some of his earliest made boards (1960 and 1961) were ordered with ghost lams. His infamous Orange Gun that he made for himself in 1960 was done with the medium-sized Bing lam with the center cut out.

I'd need to see more photos of this board on jamboards to tell you if the color is original too. I can't find it on jamboards. But, it looks legit to me.


And I'm sure you'd love to see the board Bing is talking about so I attached that with birth certificate

1960_ (003).png
3639 (002).png


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Aug 29, 2013
LOL. I used to cut the inside out of those stickers for McDonalds burgers in my earl;y shop rat period. The burgers up on the corner of PCH and Artisia were 15 cents.