ALL SOLD THANK YOU 8'8 Keyo and 9'7 Melanson

Jul 10, 2021
San Diego
Selling the following, just making room, it's like a sports team, gotta free up some cap space.

9'7" Melanson x 23 x 3 has some nose concave but rolled the rest of the way, knifey, heavy glass job. Also excellent condition, tiny nick in nose rail and some light scratches from setting on ground but overall really beautiful condition, very small ding repair in tail thats not worth mentioning because you prob wouldn't see if it I didnt point it out. Has leash plug but not drilled.
Bought it here on JB for $900, selling $750.
info pulled from Daydream's site:
"This thumb tail longboard from Nick features a pulled back wide point that lends to a nice hipped curve behind center, with a pulled in, stubby nose and rounded thumb tail. Nick has foiled down the rails nicely, creating a knifey edge that slices through water with ease without sacrificing functionality. The bottom of this transition-style log is bellied throughout the back two-thirds, with a well blended touch of nose concave. Rocker is pretty minimal, making this a wicked fast, yet stable option for the many loggin waves that can be found in the area."

8'8 Keyo Evo, shaped by Evan Daley aka Sickrat. Wrapped in volan with resin kite panels glassed at Watermans Guild. foiled rails, slight roll/flat entry to subtle vee out the back. I'm 2nd owner, bought it for $900. I got it basically brand new, and I took excellent care of it so it's in the same condition I bought it in. $850

Just took the wax off, the deck is near perfect as is the bottom.
The Keyo is sick! Evan is the man too! Best of luck on the sale. That is tempting…


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Nov 29, 2020
Sold it to a dude in Redondo/torrance on CL, think it was a bit too much for him and he sold it on CL like a week later. They do pop up occasionally though. There has also been a Jazz Pin on CL for a couple weeks now
some dude hit me up about trading for my 6'8 liddle for that malenson. DM me if you are still looking for it.