Adding side bites to my wildcat

Should I add the side bites, or quit tinkering and enjoy it the way it is

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Dec 22, 2006
San Diego North
Picked up a used MP wildcat a month back or so, definitely a new sensation. I’m thinking of having two single FCS plugs to accommodate small side bite fins. Appreciate your vote, and if I do it, does anyone know the position/placement of the fins for a shape like this?


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Apr 1, 2022
Long Beach
I just went through a similar situation so I’ll offer my 2 cents (I also made a thread asking for info about adding sidebites to my Siglo, there was a small amount of useful info there…):

I just added single tab sidebites to my 6’6” Siglo; parallel with stringer, completely vertical. I’ve only had a couple chances to surf it while in Baja last weekend, but my impressions were that the true Ames single foiled sidebites felt kind of loose and skatey, and the yellow ones in the photo (self made and double foiled) made it feel less skatey, but i wasn’t convinced it improved the board in any great way. At least not in the small waves I was surfing it in.
And to offer some info on the alternate, a toed in sidebite, the second photo is of my 8’0” Anderson Bojorquez with glassed in side bites. This board is amazing, turns off the bottom great, has drive and power through cutbacks… it’s quickly become a favorite board and I have to believe that it has something to do with the sidebites.

I have a couple other hulls with sidebites, but I don’t know if there is a “magic” formula to determine whether they would offer any improvements or what configuration to try…




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Dec 14, 2020
worst that happens if you add them and don't like em is that you ride it without them (unless you royally fuck up the installation)....variety is the spice of life as you say
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Jun 7, 2012
I would check old Greg liddle archives for this…fin position etc
When he stopped shaping
I would have multiple fcs plugs installed
To recreate the ability to slide the fins forward and back like mini center fin box sides were

Just my depreciating 2 cents
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Dec 22, 2006
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It’s not that I want a new board necessarily, but rather I’m hoping in gaining a little drive and stability in turns, along with simply wondering what could be with this design. I had a single fin Greg Liddle point break template and a GeeBee with a 2 plus 1 set up back in the day and always wondered if the drive of the geebee was due to the side bites and what if…
Looking at the fin placement of both the Anderson and the the Klaus Jones has me even more confused on what to tell the repair guy