9'8" CJ Nelson Aussie Slasher Handmade in Australia - Sold


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Aug 22, 2014
Jamboards member BoardAddict took a trip to Australia a few years back and ordered some custom boards from Ian Chisolm and had them shipped to San Clemente. I picked this one up when he was thinning out the collection in brand new condition. In lieu of describing how it works, here's a link to CJ riding an identical hand shaped model:

Although most of us can't surf this board like CJ, it works like in the video. Its an outstanding noserider for waist high and up. Surfs great in the tiny stuff too but really shines when its a little bigger. I surfed it this morning in chest high beach break and had an absolute blast.

This board has a beautiful glass job and is in near perfect condition. I've surfed it quite a few times but it was never my go-to board. It has never had a ding or repair. No stress fractures or pressures. It has a few very minor scrapes on the nose and a couple on the rails that would polish out without repairs. Probably from going up the stairs. You can see in the pics how it's been stored. To give you an idea of how much its been used, that is the original and only wax job its had.

This is one I'll miss but I really want a 9'6 - 9'8" DT-2 or an Andreini Noserider and I have to let go of something. Those two boards in equivalent condition are the only trades I'd consider.

Located in San Diego. Local pick up, cash only. Price is $800. If I don't sell it I might lower is later, but for now the price is FIRM. Just on JB for now but will post on CL in a couple days if nobody here wants it.

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