9'4 Takayama In The Pink, LA area, decent condition, $800


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Jun 26, 2017
Eugene, OR
I have a 9'4 ITP stored at my Mom's place in Santa Clarita that I'd like to sell to a jamboarder for $800 when I come visit at the end of August. It's clear, poly, 9'4 with standard glass job. It has some dings and also heel dents on the top. I'll be in town on August 28th and it would need to be a meetup somewhere between Ventura and Burbank airport. I'll be surfing it the 25th and 26th in Ventura if someone nearby is interested in checking it out. If I don't get any bites here I'll probably wait until the next time I visit for a longer period of time and throw it up on CL for $900. If someone is interested before I come down I can bring a Takayama fin and some side bites that go with it. Only selling because my buddy found a Wayne Rich Haven for me that I really enjoy riding and trying to cover the cost of that board.


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