9'0 Mitsven Magic Fins


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Jun 23, 2009
USA California
For what it's worth, I posted in the other recent thread, I scored a used 8'2" Magic that came with a 7.5" Skip Frye Fin. From looking at it, it sure appeared to be under finned. The thing just flat out works. As Smukes noted, it's all about the double concave. Years ago I saw a Mitsven Egg, IIRC, at Mollusk SF, back then it appeared under finned as well. The shop employee mentioned that Bob loves deep concaves and that allows him to use a smaller fin.

I ride mine in small to medium size beach break, OBSF, and it works great.
I wanted to say 7.5 but I wanted people to like me.


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Dec 21, 2015
Aquidneck Island Rhode Island
Agree with the less fin is more for the Mits Magics I've had, and currently have.

Also, don't limit the board to just "small clean conditions". From my experience, I've found that the better the wave, the better the boards perform and really come alive allowing the bottom contours to do their work.


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Jun 21, 2004
Ride report from two days of small clean waves: super fun. Went with the 8" 4a and think I should have gone 7.5. I am going to move the 8" even further up in the box and see what happens first. Traded boards with a friend briefly (he has a 9'4 JQ pintail) and it felt like a slug compared to the Magic.