8'4" Liddle Designs Super Smoothie for trade


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May 23, 2018
L.A. County
8’4” x 23.25” x 2 15/16” Liddle Designs Super Smoothie hull by Scott. Bladed, full belly, real deal. Bottom has been faired out with bondo and hotcoat, wetsanded and lightly polished. All dings professionally repaired, fully watertight. Got this a couple weeks back from a Jammer but I'm just way more into a long hull that I already have and I'm trying to keep the quiver lean.

Looking for a Mandala Clandestino, Avocet, longer ASQs, TPHs or any Mandala Microlight or Biax. Also interested in a Furrow Cosmic Bandito, Michael Miller Drifter or Andreini Special K. Boards with wear are ideal, not looking for anything super nice, but weird Mandalas on the bigger side are always a safe bet.

Located in south LA County but can meet halfway for the right trade.

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