7'0" CJ Nelson 2 Plus 1 Outlier in Thunderbolt Red Technology



May 21, 2022
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Figured I'd add my experience on the 7'0" here. I've been surfing it for a few months. It catches everything. It's super fast and loves sliding up and down the face of the wave. I've found that turns seem more longboard-ish and you can't crank too hard or step too far back on the tail or you'll bog a bit. It turns well from the middle. It is truly a longboard replacement if you just want to cruise and do some smooth turning on tiny waves. I'd say that the range for me is shin high to chest high. Beyond that I want to ride something else. It's a great board to have if you own a small car like me and want to be ready for any ordinary conditions.
I think the 7'6" is a "better" board but it really serves a completely different function for me. Waist high to overhead is ridiculously fun. The 7'6" is beautiful and the 7'0" is honestly pretty ugly but don't let that deter you. If you want to grovel but don't want to have to work hard to do it then grab a 7'0". Great for someone who spends most of the year in a thick layer of neoprene.
I'm running some NVS 3.7" sides and a FCS II Christenson 8". I also like the NVS Vernor 7" single and sides with it but kind of wish I had the 7.5" Christenson. FCS II is great because slight adjustments in the water make a world of difference for this board.