6’2” Rich Pavel Choice Keelhauler

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  1. SlidetheLightning

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    Feb 27, 2010
    6’2” x 21” x 2 7/8”
    Small scrapes on the keels that are surfable but need attention, strong blank and glass, handshape, Gephardt fins, repair on deck that is water tight. Rare board. Lots of volume in this one, vee to single concave. Lots of drive and glide. Prefer to sell in FL but will consider Amtrak- $500 obo
    4475CDB4-0FF2-48B4-9619-9FE9366CD663.jpeg 4475CDB4-0FF2-48B4-9619-9FE9366CD663.jpeg D8663371-7CAF-42F1-97B8-0185D4C4E851.jpeg B98B8F2C-6F30-4BF7-834E-4D8A064AC7CB.jpeg AF8A2BA3-B3C2-4EBB-809F-F196C8B44940.jpeg F4DF3DF6-E727-4AB0-9625-AC9F1C55D8EE.jpeg EA9F3FFA-5F37-4C6E-AFCB-6B1052A17BAB.jpeg BF4694C1-D5D4-4677-A170-BCF5320AD4C9.jpeg 1114F6A9-BBB8-4DB0-BB4F-2D36001AE33C.jpeg 8F5CE9F5-4469-4048-B4EA-00F61AB47E75.jpeg
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