50/50 rails on a midlenghth?


Nov 10, 2020
oceanside ca
Curious do many of you ride a soft 50/50 rail on boards 7'6"-8'6". I have seen some great shapes in this range with a softer rail. I have an 7'4" and 8' board both with hard rails, one quad and one single fin. When i ride my mid lengths i suppose i choose them over my logs for maneuverability. I like to try and do nice sweeping powerful turns where i dig that rail in. Well i am intermediate in my skill set so it feels like a powerful turn to me :)

On my 2 over 9' logs they both are soft railed noseriders. I love the banking turn feel and all the traditional performance attributes from a 50/50 noserider.

So what happens when you go 50/50 soft rail on a mid? I dont ride hull boards ( well i should say i have never tried) does it kind of do that banking turn snake down the line thing? Or on the smaller board does the rail dig in and allow you to do sort of a hard rail style turn?

thanks for replies

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