250 Vintage 80's un-cut skateboard decks


Sep 7, 2007
I'd buy a couple or three of the uncut blanks from you arn if you wanted to sell and ship a few of them. What's the length and with?

Artisan Fin Co-Op

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Sep 6, 2019
Outer Bar-4 Mile , Anna Bay
Hey guys,
I don't know much about vintage skate stuff but I came into buying 250 pristine, uncut skate deck blanks from the 80's. I could have the guys that shaped them at the time write them up and I even have the original stencils. They are all stencils of the Powell boards and others during the time. If anyone could quote their worth because there are so many I cant hang on to them. Should I cut and sell as my skateboards which I wanted to do or get authentication and sell uncut?

Contact Chicken Barrett at Hosoi sk8s as the skate illustrator for most over the years I’m sure he’d have an idea on who did art